There Is a Huge Difference

I have lust- and have lusted

MANY times -- most when I should never have done so.

But lust doesn't hold your head when you are sick,

or make you laugh when they know you need to,

or hold you when you are too scared to love and care for yourself.


I have known different types of love -

The love of a good friend who did pick me up at 4am,

The unconditional love of a child who has made me smile on so many occasions

The love that a partner shows you that it's OK if you are scared ... or I have wanted to know this.

or the lack of love that a spouse holds back  - when you really need someone to talk to, and they are too drunk to listen.


As a human - I have both of these needs, and I do say they are needs because everyone wants to be loved, and the animal in us all needs to lust to survive.


What I wish my soul would settle for is the fact that true love may never happen -

love without boundaries is a myth,

and temptation creeps into everyone. 

I believe it is how you deal with this that truly defines who we are, how the experiences that we have and share on here not only define us, but help us to connect with people we never would have known. 

I wish my soul would settle -- and not try to put all of the emotions, feelings and anger into one box or the other.

I wish my soul was free - and this decision to love or to be loved would be made for me.... without lust, without fear, without anger.   

I wish my soul was free to experience everything in life - and not to sit by and wait. Not to play it safe, not to be scared, not to hide from being hurt, not to recoil and make excuses for how I am feeling.  


I know the difference between lust and love -- and I think they are more intertwined than you think.




MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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8 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Great post!

Very nice. I will enjoy reading your other stuff.

wow that was amazing! i agree with the group you can have both or just one. ultimitely both would be awesome. i am married and only have the love. maybe someday i will get both!

Thank you - I am so glad you liked it.

Brilliant and beautifully written!

I agree. It is sad that we try to separate these -- they go together.

You can have one and not the other, and you can have both.

This is great...<br />
and yes, with someone that is yours forever, they are intertwined.