Lust Is First Step Towards Love

Everyone is different as we discover or explore love,

But i feel Lust is the first step towards achieving love, we can't achieve love without Lust,

i guess true love is between mother and child , God and human other than that its all bullshit, Desire or Lust creats the true shape of Love.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I have to say, I totally disagree with you there. Lust does not equal nor does it naturally follow that you will love someone you lust for. Lust is a desire of the flesh while Love is a desire of the soul. The two are separate but can co-exist. The problem most people have though is with the word LOVE. LOVE can mean so many different things depending on what context it is used in. We should have more words than just Love to connote different types of love - but that is another subject entirely.

aPP....i guess its good thing to think, thanx for reading and for ur comment.

you know, you really got me thinking. i don't know. but what you just said really made me think.