I Know the Difference Between Horny and Lust

For the record:  Horny DOES NOT EQUAL lust.  Horny is physical attraction.  Horny is your body telling you you want to have sex.  Horny is a natural feeling washing over you in response to some kind of stimulation.  By itself, the only thing being horny tells you is you probably are physically healthy; in moral terms, I think it's pretty neutral.

One thing (a good thing) being horny does for us is it drives us seek intimacy.  Intimacy is a good thing.  Intimacy connects us, and more than just physically.  In our intimate moments, we are vulnerable and we are sharing.  More than just sharing a phycial experience, it is two people who are accepting each other.  Intimacy leads to accepting leads to caring leads (often) to sincere love.  Or we can run the train down the same tracks in the opposite direction:  Love leads to caring leads to accepting leads (often) to physical intimacy.

However, the feeling of being horny also drives many people into lust.  Lust is when I'm entirely fine with just getting my own gratification.  Lust doesn't see the whole person I'm lusting after at all; in fact, that which makes the other one a whole person (likes/dislikes/heritage/family/interests/charms/weaknesses) is a big bother and something my lust doesn't like getting in the way of my gratification.  When horniness finds expression in lust, it is the exact opposite of intimacy.  In lust the participants share nothing of themselves, only a moment of sensation and drama, and each for just personal satisfaction.

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xNilx, you comment like it's obvious, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why, if it's obvious, so many people can't state the distinction or think clearly about the topic at all.