I May Be Young But...

I may be young but, I know the difference between lust and love. I've discovered that another word for lust and love is also "infatuation". I've never personally felt lust over too many people or things for that matter. I'm more of a deep thinker and wish to be appreciated more long term, than just beauty (what ever the eye of the beholder see's it as). As I've began to suggest, I feel that lust fades away and than people can often lose connection faster (in my experience) and love always will be there. I've even found, that people who once loved will always (at least) will have appreciation for each other, even in later years apart from each other.

The best way for infatuation to be explained is this here,

"Plainly, the word itself is officially defined as a kind of affliction. In common parlance, infatuation is known as "being a fool for love". Most of us recognize it as a state in which a person's normal ability to think clearly and act rationally are flung aside with suspicious eagerness. Desire focuses on a particular someone and suddenly nothing matters but that compelling attraction. The dictionary strongly suggests that the overt result of infatuation is a reduction in mental capacity. A frequent synonym given for infatuation is "folly", predicting grave consequences to follow from stupidity resulting from fixated passion."

This was taken from this link:  http://www.sosuave.com/articles/infatuation.htm

If you wanted to read more, and was written by Dana Peach

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So, thanks for informing us that we are all idiots. Wouldn't have hurt to get the message sooner.