Enjoy Both

 ... and feel that they are best served together :)

                     most of the time anyway ;)

squid4u squid4u
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16 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Especially when served hot and shared :) with someone special...

I had confused them on a few ocassions with mixed results. Since understanding and experiencing both, would recomend both under the right surcomstances.

I confused them once, and never again will i do that. never.

One dowa lead to the other.

Definitly not lust... sounds more like being conveniently used mixed with some compassion.

Someone can hold your head when you are sick they can can make you laugh they can be there whenever you need them but not be ready ever to truly commit lie to you disrespect you for years. this is love i don't think so, this is lust who knows!!??True story.

For you any time :)

My pleasure... baked, fired, w/ a side of suace?

half and half please!!!

Why give up on either emerald? <br />
Must admit that at times I wish neither existed, or feel that one is out of reach and the other has at times driven blindly, yet have tasted the sweet sweet necture of both and feel as if part of me is missing when without... What's an old squid to do? <br />
<br />
Batter dipped, or breaded Smoothie?

I"ll have a side of onion rings shaped like hearts please!

I give up on both! :/

Glad to hear that :)<br />
However when I was younger, i had often times practice the fine art of being a dumbass... Glad to have put those uncertain inmature days behind me. <br />
There was also a good amount of fun back then to.

True:)<br />
Then again at times have seen one lead to another.

Getting one confused with the other can be disastrous.

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