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It's spring break week where I live.  My daughter is 14, and has many friends who are off on fabulous excursions this week.  Disney World, New York City, Mexico; it seems like everyone is somewhere other than here.

My daughter is a theatre girl.  She is DYING to go to New York City and see a show.  She'd even be happy just walking around, seeing the sights, soaking it all in.  I want to take her.  We are close enough that we could drive, about 4 hours away.  We really wanted to make it work this week, but in the end, we couldn't justify the expense.

We live in a small city where we are fortunate to get many traveling Broadway tours.  We saw Les Miz and The Lion King this year.  It's not like she is deprived of the experience of seeing a fabulous show.  She, on the other hand, would tell you that she is deprived because she hasn't seen a show on Broadway.

To try and make up for the no-go to New York, we found a show that is on tour in a city about an hour away.  Tickets are still pricey, but it's a shorter trip.  We are even going to spend the night.  It's an expense that we definitely don't need, but we wanted to do something special over her spring break.

Yesterday, she woke up throwing up.  All day.  Fever.  She felt so terrible that she asked me to read her a story to try and take her mind off of it.  I read her The Velveteen Rabbit.  We both teared up at the end.  Since then, she's been sleeping for 12 hours straight.

I have no idea if we will be able to go.  I have no idea if we will be able to get any of our money back.

Such is life.  Sometimes things don't work out the way we plan them.

We want to go to the show, but right now, I just need her to feel better. 
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Well, I second what everyone else has said. I hope she is feeling better now. I remember those times. Sick kids are so worrysome. Mine are all grown, but I still worry about them. That never ends.

I feel bad for both of you. Maybe someday soon you can try again. <br />
My daughter does not want me around much, but when she is sick or scared, or even really happy, I am the first person she runs to. I guess that's what being a mom is, knowing when to step up when you are needed, and when to back off when you are not. <br />
It will be a really special trip when you do it the next time.

I hope she's better by now. How awful. I was sick like that once my senior year of high school. I missed 4 days. I recovered and haven't been that sick since *Mary crosses her fingers*.

Apples don' fall far from the tree. If she retains her jones for the theatre, she'll see more shows than she recalls in a lifetime.<br />
<br />
I doubt she forgets this occurrence ... especially the fact you never considered goin yourself with someone else takin her seat.

What a disappointment for you both. I'd love to see a show on Broadway too, but the cab fare to NYC is way too much :) BTW, I hope your daughter gets well soon. No good being sick while on spring break. How long does she get for this break.? Our schools are on break too though mine are long gone from school now.

Our schools have a four term year, each term 10 weeks long with a two week break in between. The end of year break is in December for 5 weeks then start a new school year at the end of January.

Aussie times are all screwed up! Kidding! x p

Hugs and prayers >>>>>>>>>>>>peace

Is she well? Were you able to watch? Is she sad? happy? <br />
I've got a million things to ask... haha... tell faerie...!!!

Oh wow! Still throwing up? Make sure she replenishes electrolytes. Get her Vitamin Water. Do you have these things there? Or anything of that kind. I take Emergen-Cee, powder form that I add to any drink I have. specially during and after yoga. But Vitamin Water is accessible, even in convenient stores... and they come in different yummy flavours! I know... here I go again with faerie tips... x p

And I'm sorry about the tkts... dang lucky friend... *grumbles*... when can you take her to the doctor though? The friend, not your daughter... kidding... I wanna watch a show. =(

I missed a lot of great shows here... only because I can't get anyone to go... and when they do go, they're with their families. Even missed again Mardi Gras last Feb... grrr... then I found out after that my yoga instructor went... more grrr...

oh dear. I do feel for you. such is life as you say. coming to terms with disappointment is not something my own daughter has ever really been good at ... but they have to learn. meanwhile, follow your instincts ... do you think you might be able to re-sell the tickets ... online perhaps?