Knowing Is Only The First Part.

Needs, wants... I can live without what I want, until I want what I need.

It's hard to live without what I need, and I suppose it's my responsibility when I go without.

I need support and unconditional love, I need trust. I need help.

It's so easy to know what I need, but it's hard to figure out what I want.. and I doubt what I need too often, so at least I always know the difference, but I've gone too far before, where I doubted my needs so much I thought they were just what I wanted and not what I needed, like love.

Even if I feel I want something I don't know how to keep wanting it, enough that I'll go for it, I wish it were just as easy figuring out why and working with it, but what if that goes against the way my mind works? What if it's been established that what I want isn't actually important enough because it's not motivating me enough. SO I'm doing nothing waiting for something to make me passionate and forgetting what I've already figured out is that I have to motivate myself for what I want, gradually each day, like changing a habit. Why have I screwed myself over so many times because of this?

imustbecrazy imustbecrazy
Feb 15, 2010