Reasons Vs Excuses

Reasons vs Excuses

Reasons are rational explanations given for thinking in a particular way or for doing a particular activity. They are basically logical justifications in accordance with some motive. While excuses are an attempt to convince oneself or others about the difficulties involved when a promise is not kept or there is lack of progress, or simply, when something is not done. Excuses are often disguised as reasons as the sayings go, " An excuse is a lie disguised as a reason" "An excuse is a skin of a reason stuffed with a lie". This is where we need to be careful and examine the situation properly so that we look for the right reasons and not excuses.

Another way of looking at them is.. reasons are needed to do a particular activity....while excuses are reasons to not do it.
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We sometimes have more excuses the actual reasons for things not to happen or us to follow through. But worse is not being able to admit to it. :-)

Very true