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How Hard Is This?

I can't believe how many people I encounter in life that do not know the difference between these two words and how to use them. How did you get a high school diploma and not understand the basics of grammar? SAD!

absofabo absofabo 41-45, F 8 Responses Dec 19, 2009

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yes. I get what you say,calm.... I have lived all over the country and outside the country growing up....<br />
<br />
I continue to travel to this day, it is in my blood .. that is why my screen name is "gypsy" I didn't mention growing up in a very dysfunctional family... I am from a very screwed up family, I stayed home a lot to care for my siblings, oldest of 8, my mother had twins when I was 12, in the 50/60 being only girl sibling, it was my job to care for everyone, do to my parents not able to.... I raised my brothers, they consider me mom.... my mother had many issues, my dad was gone a lot do to the military ...<br />
<br />
<br />
academically I didn't do well not only do to being on the road a lot ( traveling) do to living in a dysfunctional environment and a learning disability the 50/ 60's learning disabilities were not looked at as they are these days.<br />
<br />
we all learn on different levels.... do to life styles, learning ability ... influences out side the class room, so many things go into the mix of learning along with the child's own level of being able to absorb what is being taught in the class room.

I am one of those, who has a problem with spelling / parents are old school southern types, I grew up listening to them speak a southern dialect, along with southern thinking.<br />
<br />
southern ways are not easy to carry around with you to other states and sound educated. <br />
<br />
I was also raised in a military family, we moved/traveled a lot, when I was growing up, every time I entered a new school I was either behind or ahead in certain subjects. <br />
<br />
the education I had, took place through living among military types/ schools and experiencing different cultures within the states and Territories of America.<br />
<br />
( in some ways i got a more rounded education, where as most kids only dream of seeing or living in different places )<br />
<br />
<br />
I can relate to just about any one from any state.

Understandable however-- I moved all the time non-military. I did not go to the same school two years in a row until 9th grade. I have significant gaps in my education but this can all be overcome.

Your and You're is a problem for many as is their and there. For some reason people cannot figure out Two, To and Too. The simplest things baffle the mind. It looks like only a few of us were paying attention in school.

Personally my problem is that I had an undiagnosed learning disability growing up and my grammar teacher never bothered to try. thats still no excuse but hopefully it may explain somethings.

I understand's a pet peeve if mine.

Yes i notice a lot of people have problems with words that sound alike, like their and there, to and too, lose and loose, fair and fare, is spelt a word? i think it's spelled. hmmm

inflect reflect .... effect /affect.... those also baffle people

With the advent of spellcheck and grammar check as well, there really is no excuse. Of course, "text-speak" has not helped!

This strikes a chord with me. I work in a Customer Relations Department and must assure quality on outgoing letters. Most of my co-workers who KNOW they have a problem with grammar won't even ask anyone to check their letters before sending them out to a customer. <br />
<br />
I do believe we failed in educating the last two generations. I went back to college in the mid 90's, which was 23 years after my high school graduation. The "kids" I took classes with, most of whom had just graduated high school, had to take remedial courses in Math and English. That was an eye-opener for me!

It amazes me...the lack of grammar. The amount of words that are so obviously incorrectly spelt, and ignored is shocking!