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im trying to get used to diapers, its taking time. Im female and its not as common for us girls to want to wear. Im not an adult baby, infact im very sexual. I love stockings, suspenders, push up bras,, short skirts etc. I am also in the long process of making myself incontinent - i enjoy mixing my sexuality with the helplessness of wearing and being confined to them. I guess thats humiliation hardcore?

Id like to meet males for chats who perhaps would like to help me through the process. I dont mind women either but im not a lesbian i should add!

Im wearing at nighttimes now and have managed to wet once in the night. I dont really know how to progress with this.

thanks all

scandallass scandallass
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You should try and get to not holding as normal people do. They clamp down and store up until their bladders can't take it any longer and then let it out in a big spurt. If you loosen up you muscles and just let the pee flow whenever you have any in a constant dribble then you will get to the stage where you start wetting anywhere, anytime. Inserting a catheter will help get you started and you may just enjoy the feeling of it inside your pee hole.

Masterbations following wetting is great while you are all wet and slippy. You would probably enjoy having a guy into wet sex, golden showers, diaper wearing, diaper sex, etc. and then you could change each others diapers.

have you tried hypnosis?

scandallass, I would love to share w/ you my experiences and hear about yours and get to know you better. Please feel free to friend me. That would be nice. Talk to you later.<br />
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Try holding it until you cannot hold it any longer, and do it all time for several days in a row. You will have increasingly difficult control.

I used hypnotic recordings to become unpotty trained... some can be found at warpmymind . com.. i now wet and mess like a baby!