Only If Your Friends Find Out

When I was a teenager and still wetting the bed most nights I went back to wearing nappies that my mother was able to get following a referal to the continence nurse by my doctor. I didn't mind wearing them but hated the thought of my friends finding out I still wore nappies at night. Somehow it didn't bother me they knew I wet the bed which everyone did., but being found out wearing nappies was so much more humiliating. I think in the end everyone knew but fortunately nothing much was said.
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That young, it stinks I went through it, but it was NEVER just the bed that was my problem - I wish it had been, but I have always needed a diaper 24/7.
It dose seem like the older you get, the less others care about something like that - BUT there are some exceptions...
Fortunately there are a few hospitals close to me, so if I need one I did have a choice. Just a few years ago, I ended up in one I will NEVER go back to again due to the attitude I got there over the diapers and actions. I was in a lot of pain, and it's difficult for me to move in certain ways to start with, add bad pain to it....
Anyway, I would end up waiting 1-3 hours just to get a fresh one, then the CNA would complain about it right in front of me - if I dared even try to take care of it myself (a disaster anyway) there was a problem with that, and didn't want to hear it when I told them not to make me wait 3 hours in a wet one then. To top it all off, about 2 weeks after that one thought they were done, I ended up needing treatment for the exact same thing! - Only I was NOT going to go back there after that - and the one I did go to, I never heard one word about the diapers, other than to say they were glad I bought my own pack with me, since they ones they get are basically "One size fits all garbage", and a few time stopped in my room without me calling them specifically to make sure I was not wet. So, next time I am that sick, there is no question as to what one to use, and I loose nothing as my primary doctor has privileges at all the hospitals in the county I live in, and all my specialists do at the one I got no problem from.......

I had a small but close circle of friends and we lived in a small comunity so therewas no hiding my bedwetting. Before my teens I certainly wasn't the only one. No one had tumble driers in those days so there were often sheets on the line in a few gardens in our neighbourhood. I don't know if any of my friends or neighbours kids continued to wet in to their teens but by then I think it was just accepted I wet the bed. My sister had made sure everyone knew. She used to delight in showing her friends my wet bed so I suppose they must have known about my nappies. All our family knew that I do know. These days I think most people have either forgotton about my childhood and teenage wetting. It is ceratinly never mentioned and I am still fairly close to a few lifelong friends. Maybe they do know but don't think it is a problem.

You must of had some good mates. Any bet some of them wet their beds but did not let they did. The only non medical people I have told are the ones on this site. I am a registered nurse and even the people I work with do not know. I am not particularly close to anyone. Only my parents know I wear nappies at night for my bedwetting issues.