Money And Control Go Hand In Hand

Imagine this; you are in charge of an organization that tells young men to give up 2 years of their lives upon graduation and dedicate those years to getting people to join your organization. Not only do they do this willingly but at their own cost, paying for everything they need to make it through those two years. The organization has a willing, dedicated and free labor & recruitment force.

After those 2 years, these young men are helped to find work and instructed to give up 10% of their salary to the organization. Even better is that many of the women who have been recruited into the organization also contribute 10% of their salary. In short, the organization receives 10% of the salary of each and every member willingly, even if a small percentage of them are unable to contribute, they are still giving of their time and other resources to help support and maintain the organization, thus increasing the membership.

Now imagine that this organization is not comprised of dozens or even hundreds of people but rather of millions. Is it hard to believe that those in charge of this organization would do all that they have to to maintain this system in place, a system that benefits them above all else giving them money and power?

10 million Mormons do this every day. If the average salary is $10,000 a year, this would mean that the church receices $10 BILLION a year. Even if the church as an organization used half of this money to build new temples and help others through various charities (thus makin themselves appear overly benevolent to all), the organization would still control $5 billion.

If you were in charge of such an organization, would you even think twice about continuing the lies that saw the organization come to be in the first place? Would you want the truth to come out and see the organization fall under the light of truth?

This is just one aspect of the Mormon / LDS Church, an organization that was built on lies, grew on deception and continued to lure good people into a system that uses and abuses them through ignorance and false beliefs.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
May 11, 2012