Who's In Control of Your Destiny?

Like the film, life is full of Sliding Doors... the ending is already mapped out for each of us but its how we get there that can vary depending on the choices we make along the way.

But the choices we have available wouldn't be there if they weren't meant to be.  If something's not possible, we're not given that choice.

Good and bad events happen depending on the route we choose to take.  Every decision we make has a 'good' and 'bad' option.  If we take the apparently easy, short cut, nice option, bad things happen along the way and if we take the long, arduous, challenging route we'll be rewarded with good along the way to keep the balance.

So does it really matter what we decide about anything?  If the ending is the same it's the quality of life that matters.  If the 'enjoyable' path will bring hard times and the 'arduous' path will bring happiness...

Which direction will you choose...?

Or do you have a different theory?


heme heme
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2008

There is only ONE arena in our life that we can take complete responsibilty for, that is our own moral character. How much control we have over anything else is debatable. What makes mankind unique is it's ability to accept or reject faith in the Truth. That is an overly simplified comment that could be taken different ways. If you would like to know how I believe in both predestination AND free will check out:<br />

I take your point Shaylon, I hadn't actually mean the literal ending as in death, but the ending of where our lives lead, if we achieve our dreams, who we end up with, how many children we have etc.<br />
<br />
But taking death as the common ending, how do we know if that's good or bad anyway? ...that would depend on whether we are already in hell or if there is an afterlife and if that's better or worse than this one?

Death being the common ending why do you imagine the enjoyable path is going to bring hard times? That seems somewhat of a contradiction. The people with easy lives seem to have it easy. I am not buying that Brittany has a mental problem. I think her problems are too much attention from the papparazzi and if they left her alone she would be fine. Oprah doesn't seem terribly unhappy. Do you imagine she is? Honestly I don't my G-d works like that. It wouldn't make sense. It is not logical.