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Well this is probably going to be the shortest story ever lol
Hey my name is Romina. I never met a Romina when I was growing up (which is USA east coast near NYC) and people had such a hard time pronouncing it. I would get the strangest pronunciations and I would sit and wonder wow is my name really that hard to pronounce lol I guess it was and sometimes still is. At times I think it would bother me and I would want a more "normal" name...whatever that is lol.
When I went into my 20s is when I began to like my name. Now I am 31 and I love it. Its just such a me name lol I am Romina...or Mina..or

ok so maybe it wasn't as crazy short as I thought it was going to be lol

Thanks for reading though =)


oh and btw my name means woman from Rome...I found that out about ten years ago..Italy and Europe was the only place I have ever seen Romina coffee cups and keychains lol my mom always used to say there is a famous Italian singer names Romina Power lolĀ 
romina0523 romina0523 31-35, F Mar 3, 2012

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