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2nd Day Of The Week

My name might be weird to hear but it's actually what my mom gave to me when i was still in her womb.
While still pregnant, she always say to herself whether a new baby boy or a second baby girl she and my father will have, she'll name it Tuesday.
Yah. "Tuesday."
As in Martes. In Spanish.

Well here's the history. Back in her times, she had this favorite actress, which had a TV series before wherein her name there was Tuesday.
She was so obsessed watching the show of this actress.

Unluckily, I'm a boy. And my name is Tuesday.
But I began liking it for I am easily known by many because of having this name.

Tuesday. As in the second day of the week.
ginnn ginnn 22-25, M 2 Responses Mar 26, 2012

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I love it <3

thank you! :D <3

I like that name

aww thanks!! :)

Your welcome