Ciaran :D

Meaning: Its source is Ciaran, an Irish Gaelic name meaning "Black-haired."

Origin: "Ciaran"

LOL guess what colour my hair is!?? LMAO! LOL

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i like your proper name sweetie its very pretty,who decided to name you ciaran?

Awwww! bless you! :D thank you! :D I think this means my real name! :D Awww! love you to! :D :D
May i thank you my darling for commenting on this! :D :D

Ha!ha!ha! LOL "what's ya like hey"!!!!?? LOL <br />
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Awwwww! thank you soooooo!! much! i appreciate your comment and feedback! thank you,. <br />
LOL how ironic is that?? i have black hair now! LOL I know! LOLLOL "made to measure name"! ha!ha!ha! :D :D

Er, is it brown? ;)...Hehehe, only joking! <br />
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I like your name because it's pretty and not one that you hear all the time :) It's even better that it's appropriate for you because of your hair colour: almost like a made- to- measure name! ;)