My Name Is:

Hebrew for God is gracious.  I don't believe in God but my name was made from the beginning of both of my grandmother's names.

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8 Responses Mar 8, 2009

You're darned right. I'm learning Lilt, I'm learning! LOL

We can do it!<br />
But sometimes we can choose not to do everything, right?

Those aren't curlers. Rosie had to wear a "do rag' to protect her beautiful brown tresses while she sweated it out at the mill!

Are those curlers in your hair?<br />
Shame on you.

Hahaha!!!! That's from carrying the weight of the country on my shoulders! Fighting the good fight! LOL

You are no air head, Jojo.<br />
But to do have some mighty puffed up pecs!

I love Lilt! It is airy! Like my brain! LOL

Lilt= airy, lyrical swing