The Girl Who Sits In The Dark

Yea I noe its not bout me and I shoud open my life to others...I do 4 certin people cuz the rest hurt me...I met some one and i make them extreamly happy and they do the same for me cuz we both deal with the same crap....But the problem I have is with my parents they are the ones who made me feel wats n tht story.....I'm 16 old enough to say where and who I wanna live with and my dad and his wife wouldnt....His wife treats me diffrent frm my brother like he walks on water and im sopose to be a maid....and the sad thing is my dad knowsimtreated diffrently cuz family,frends,even me have told him......they asked me who i aned to live with and I said my mom my dad said fine ad walked off 20 o 30 minets later he came bak yelling at me saying no im liveing with him.....I went to the school counsler and told thm wat was going on and thy sai there was nothing thy could i wish i had gone to the school deputy.....I feel like I'm traped and im dying n side pple relized im happyer down here thn where we moved to and away frm my dad and his wife.....I'm good at writing poems but i"m only able to write dark ones cuz wen i write bout happyness thy sound cheesy......I lived n florida and thy moved us to maryland....write now im n florida visiting my mom and wen i sit down i cant write cuz im happey and it sukescuz i love writeing poems...
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Jul 26, 2010