We Will All Welcome the Next Major Step In Evolution!


 I was taken to the ER this past Sunday 2/15 due to trouble breathing. I was admitted to Cardiac Emergency Care because they thought I was having a heart attack. I thought I was going to die. Turns out I only have pneumonia.

 I am going to die sooner then most because of other problems but this experience has left me with a greater desire then ever to get my story/experience out that I saw the next major step in Evolution.   I wrote this story earlier but gave it a too esoteric title “I saw the Ubermensch” and want to try again with a title more people can relate too. I hope you will consider my experience and know that it is all true and about to happen.

One more thing, I paid a price to be as different as I am. A price I am honored to have paid. You can believe me or not, but I am this Shaman.     

  On or about the summer Solstice of 1976 I cried for a Vision. I know it was the summer that the Ranger/tourist building was still burned to the ground on top of Mt. Evans. Otherwise the Vision might not have happen.  

An hour before the Sun was to rise; I went to the outskirts of Denver to a small hill with a few trees. It is my custom to watch the Sun arise on around June 21st as did my ancestors. This time I took my camera and had the thought to hang a pentagon star with circle from a tree. I wanted to focus the camera lens on the pentagon with the Sun in the back ground. I fussed around trying to keep the star from turning when I caught a glimmer of the sun. Quickly I got into position and looked through the lens when the Magick happen.

I felt ONE with my all my ancestors back to the first one and whoever watches this moment when the Sun first arises, on this longest day. 

  Then the Magick was gone and I was in the 20th century, out side busy Denver. The sudden shift of awareness left me stunned. I wanted to be with my tribe.   I had never felt connected to anyone in this world in my life time, except as I had need for them and they me. Now, more then ever I felt alone.  

The Psychiatrist at the Menninger Clinic had stated that I was a sociopath, but I always felt that I was among strangers, and if I could only find others who were like me, I could love my own kind!   Now I knew it was impossible, my tribe had been annihilated by a civilization that called me evil, or ridicule me as loonie in the rare glimpse that they could see me.

I casually murmured “It is a good day to die.” A clear voice inside my head said “will you give up so easy?”   I answered back “It is me against the world.” I could feel the silence mocking me.   I prayed then and throughout the day to my Mother, My Dark Goddess to help me. She ignored me, I prayed harder. As the day grew to an end I knew only that I would never get an answer or help once the Sun had set.   I got into my car and drove to and up Mt. Evens so as to catch the last possible moment of this long day. On top of the mountain people were leaving. Some one told me that I should leave now because the narrow road down was dangers and it would be dark soon. I stayed and there was no one to challenge me.  

I prayed to my Mother, I told her I could not live in this world removed from nature…She spoke with typical amusement in her voice. “Look at the city. It is no different then a termite colony. You have never left my womb. You are one with me, with nature, as is everyone.   I started to say” I feel so lonely. I cannot carry this pain any longer.” She interrupted me and said “If you are lonely learn to love and you can stand much more pain, I plan to gift you with you with much more pain.” And She laughed as I felt Her embrace me.     “Why so much pain?” I shouted from my core. She softy replied “It is necessary for evolution to occur.”

I asked, What is the worth so much pain” She replied “The birth of Ubermensch.   ALL who have suffered, All who have known pain, EVERONE, will see the Ubermensch and ALL will agree that the birth was worth the pain."

And then I saw…   The first single cells in the primordial ocean/the single cell in my mother accept my fathers *****. The Earths single cells come together and create the multicellular organism/my mothers fertilized cell divide and multiply. Fish appeared/I saw gills on my small body. Birds/wings…I can see six billion people on the Earth/I grew so large that I stretched the womb. Pollution/pollution.

The final struggle…   As the individual cells in my body connected I could see the first life forms touch and begin to work together. Sounds became part of the process. Communication evolved into language and humans mastered language. Then came technology. Drums, horns etc … Electrical wiring, like nerves, connected individuals over distance. Then computers! Nothing has evolved like computers. Everything about it, except the keyboard. Medical, military and civil concerns pushed to interface with the computer in a more complete and faster way. The human connected there individual nervous systems to there best computers.

These individual minds reached out  to many other minds Via the extreme speed of processing these individual minds became as one. The Ubermensch, the Overman, the last step in evolution.

   Into the gathering darkness, I whispered, “ What will become of me?”   My Mother laughed and called back “You my love, you they will burn at the stake!” Darn…

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
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MeadowsofHeaven, can you be more specific?...DD

Interesting, interesting. Please, go on. You've got me intrigued. :)

marthanegret, “different” and not like you but I would never take meds to stop having visions. Any culture that lives with Mother Nature would accept me as a shaman. People who live in Cities have trouble believing in Mother Nature as a Goddess. Whatever, what you think is boring. <br />
Psycholinguistic propaganda from Christians has closed your mind to the wonder of the Dark force. (Either that or you have seen to many Star Wars movies.) In Nature there is both light and dark forces and each has it's on beauty…DD

I truly believe in spirituality and out of body experiences, however, I strongly feel you need to take some meds as you have a tendency to hallucinate. And you also need to be carefull, very carefull of the dark forces, know them and do not try to contaact them.

quest911, yes indeed. f. Nietzsche is the spokesperson of all sociopaths...DD

a fan of nietzsche I see,

YES! librakitty05, your comment relating birth to ALL who have know pain seeing the “overman” is what I had in mind. My wife is a mid-wife and I have seen the joyous look on women’s faces AFTER a hard labor (films) in spite of all their pain. That is the look I expect to see when we see the “overman”. Hopefully. It does happen that some women turn away from their child.

how can you feel love and joy and understand it if you can't understand pain<br />
<br />
that is why I could give birth to three beautiful children<br />
i understood the pain first then the joy

levin60kitty, the point of the overman is that we leave Earth, yes! We enter the new school room of the Universe.<br />
<br />
Robyn1972, one of the lessons we learn from our pain is that we gain the strength to feel much greater pain!

Try Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Once we become the overman we will be self actualized. Once we reach that state there will be nothing left on this earth to strive for. We will vanish.