Sometimes Tempted

I know the old me is dead and gone;

But sometimes I am tempted to a relapse;

To feel pathetic and out of control;

To just let go and sink into nothingness;

Like some careless and homeless hippie freak;

Avoiding responsibility;

Not making a difference;

Is that a life or any life of real value?

No just a spineless way of existence;

Not taking responsibility for yourself, your life and the one you love.

So sad yet I am tempted to fall into that weakness;

To relinquish control feeling free;

But what is free about a trapping self-destructive life style?!

What freedom is there in killing yourself

And not making use of your potential digging your light away under a bushel????

Sometimes I just want to be weak and helpless;

Sometimes I just want to be a coward...


Because maybe I just do not care.

But I should not fearing responsibility...

Trying to conquer the world before it conquers me...

Running the rat race gaining points...

I am not here to sit still without gaining at least some credit making the best of this journey.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
May 20, 2012