Occupy Angels

Everyday, helpless occupiers are arrested, and jailed. They are crying out for help. For just $18 a month, only 60 cents a day, you can help rescue occupiers from their police state abusers...do your part to help an occuposer.


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3 Responses May 4, 2012

IDF: Air force strikes global jihad terrorist in Gaza<br />
<br />
Army claims terrorists were planning attack against Israeli targets along border with Egypt; Shin Bet says target was part of group responsible for June bombing<br />
<br />
Netanyahu: Our long arm will reach those who try to harm us.

That song needs to be banned from the human race.

I walked around the tents and saw two things that seemed really off-kilter. <br />
1) heated tents. 2) an iPad. <br />
how did they get iPads? I want to dress in pretentiously unpretentious clothing and carry an iPad. If the guy at 25 secs can afford meth and an iPad, he doesn't need my $18.

agreed. They may be hitting up florida