It Takes One To Know One.

after looking at your profile and seeing that you're a member of the BSMP, i see where the attitiude comes from and why. maybe if you can get your man to break you off a little sumthin sumthin your disposition might improve and YOU won't be a nasty piece of work anymore. give it a shot, boo boo :)
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wow what happened to you to make you feel so bitter towards people with marital problems? I just joined this site today looking for some help with my SM...I do NOT think its ok to cheat on your spouse just b/c times r tough and ur not feeling fulfilled

Only advantage of internet lately was the losers and clown who are exposing themselves...<br />
<br />
And the witty tough people who dont get scared with pointless bitter gibberish.<br />
<br />
I am complimenting you, Jerrica!

well thank you :) one thing these people don't do is scare me.amuse me is another thing :)

Hey, whats the only reason why people waste time with trolls???

To laugh at them!

&amp; they are too stupid or cowards to admit their defeat!

I don't know what BSMP is, but I agree with what you are saying. One woman in that group pointed out how they should all have affairs behind their spouse's back to get the sex they need. I made the mistake(?) of suggesting that instead of being deceptive and lying to their spouse, and having affairs, perhaps they should be honest and tell their spouse what they need, and see if they can find a way to get it without cheating. OMG - I was attacked left and right for suggesting they should be open and honest with the person they are married to. What a HORRIBLE person I am for suggesting they do such a TERRIBLE thing (eye roll). <br />
<br />
I think that many of them should wake the hell up and smell the coffee and recognize that maybe their spouse doesn't want to have sex with them because of the way they are treating their spouse. Maybe if they changed their behavior their spouse might want to have sex with them. I would NEVER suggest this to any of them though, because I have seen that most of them are self-absorbed, stubborn, narcissistic people who will never accept that the reason things aren't going the way they want them to is not because of the people who aren't giving them what they want, but its because of them.

if my spouse had the attitude that some of them display here, i doubt that i would be in an amorous mood either. and god forbid that you say something to one of them that isn't in accordance with their views. they have no problem attacking as you found out first hand yet they do a pretty good job of making themselves look like poor, innocent victims.

I heard haterade makes you fat and mean... but gatoraide makes you scalely and green...


since they want to be smart *****, i have no sympathy for them either. what they should do is stay off the computer and cut back on the haterade and then maybe their spouses will give em what they want.