They All Look At You With That Knowing In Their Eyes

Douglas Adams was right. We are the third most intelligent species on this planet.
TheSquirrel TheSquirrel
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Hi The Squirrel, I read some of yor storys you made and I like them! I used to hav a squirel frend here but he left 6 months ago.I have tons of auntsNuncles and many more cuzins..I wonder if we mite be related.Like the long lost cuzin or uncle I never knew about?? Do you wana try being frends? Yor stuf is kool that I saw, so maybe you can look at my file to. Maybe see you somtime,, kaydee hugs just incase ;).

My hubby and I are vegetarians living in the country, thi year in Eastern Australia, with mouse plagues.<br />
We don't like to kill anything, and the mice know it.<br />
We've set loving little housy traps that don't harm them, so we can relocate them far from humans.<br />
But they're too smart for us, and watch us in quite a friendly, cheeky little way,<br />
with that knowing look in their eyes...

Have they carried off your cats yet?