Hear Song? Throw Up.

The title of this song is:

"Marmalade, Mollasses, and Honey"

Written by: Maurice Jarre

The music & lyrics can be suffered through watching:  "The Life & Times of Judge Roy Bean" look for the bear going on a picnic.

It is extremely sugary, puke worthy, & a blatant assault on your sensibilities. You will suffer as no human has before. 

Warning! *Do not listen to this song.

*Disclaimer: The aforementioned navyvet will not be responsible for any auditory damage(s) or loss of sensibilities,  if the reader has in fact ignored navyvet's warning and just had to listen to the song entitled "Marmalade, Molasses, and Honey" by Maurice Jarre; and is therefore thoroughly innocent and will not be held accountable for damages caused by puking, tossing cookies, upchucking, spewing, launching lunch, etc.







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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Antigravity, I did warn you! Stuck in your head!? My lovely wife says "you have to listen to it again... to get rid of it.... I got an email from Mr. Jarre... it read "bwaaa-ha-ha-ha! Silly humans!"<br />
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Scully, yes a blatant, that is on purpose, assault perpetrated by the composer, I am sure. Probably Mr. Jarre he is an alien & trying to melt out meager (by comparison) brains, & like Alex Baldwin said; (&) "scoop them out with a spoon!"

Oh, Myonis shame shame on you - I love you you love me we're a happy (crazy) family! The purple dinosaur is the Man! We still sing the clean-up song in our house (although, now my daughters laugh at me instead of cleaning up or singing with me!)<br />
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I am not going to listen to that other song, because that is all I need is to have a puke-inducing song in my head when I finally go to bed - plus I like having the Aly & Aj Potential Break-up Song in my head or the Miranda Cosgrove song I know how I feel about you now (I-carly star)!<br />
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Thanks for the warning!

Thanks for that. Not. The Barney song is just as bad, I think.