I Have This Book

I bought this book during one of those Airport visits.  Basically i is the power of positive thinking and that has been around for a very long time.  Each page repeats affirmations we already know within ourselves- what we want we will get as long as we don't disrupt those thoughts through negativity and lack of confidence.

There are some wonderful lines and quotes in this book but I was not awoken to anything new or any inner secret that was so desired in the purchase. 


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6 Responses Oct 30, 2008

I just got the book too, a few weeks ago...And honestly I have to say mylife has always been about positive in my life....<br />
I have been through alot since I was a child, but a voice in my brain always tolled me " Get up diana, dont let this tear you apart. You are going to be okay and you are going to be happy no matter what, just thing positive, just think about the good things that make you happy." <br />
So I did....all these years no matter what it has been , Ive fallen flat on my face but I always get back on my feet....<br />
But recently one of the worst things in life have been tormenting me...I knew if this day would come it would destroy me if I loose focus....and I lost my focus I was always afraid of this......( broken heart by infidelity by the man of my life.)......<br />
so since I have always thought about this dreadful thing all my life, it finally came because I brought it upon myself. And only I can get it out of it....<br />
.I just have to switch my switch to positive thinking......the only thing its taking me a while....but I know I can do it...(beautiful butterfly)<br />

Its also available as an audio book. That's how I 'read' it. :)

what is the book called? i need postive thoughts and karma

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein<br />
<br />
We are like magnets - like attract like. You become AND attract what you think.

The secret is that the author of this book tapped into a big money maker.<br />
<br />
But I do believe that it is based on some real principles.

You are now qualified to reach for dreams formerly not reachable. Armed to the teeth with hidden truths, you can now take on the world and succeed in anything you do. And should you fail, you can always blame the author. hiehiehie