A Gift...

About three years ago, I was sitting in class for my Master's Degree.  We actually had gone to the professor's business so we could see how a business was run.  Anyway, there was a door prize of a CD of The Secret.

I thought oh good now I am going to know the secret to everything!!!  I didn't play it right away, and about three weeks later was when my husband told me he did not want to be married to me anymore. 

After getting over the initial shock and grief, I put in the Secret.  I thought...okay maybe it will tell me how to heal, resolve my marital issues...and I was disappointed.

"Okay universe I want my husband to quit porking that chick at work and come on home now..."  Yeah...that so did not work.

Maybe I just don't believe you can command the Universe...

LolaL LolaL
41-45, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2009

Ha ha...thanks. The "Secret" is that if you command the universe as to what you want and then really believe it, you will get anything you want.