I love being a girl because you don't get treated like a dog like a boy gets treated and girls get treated like baby and every one thinks that girls want make a mess but,every one things boys will make a mess all the time.
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I fudging hate being a girl. nobody believes I can handle myself and live on my own. nobody let's me just go down the street alone because "I'll get raped". I get treated like a princess yes but princesses don't get to go to battle with the king. I don't necessarily want to go to battle but I want to be able to do whatever the lump I want whenever I want without people worrying sick about me. it gets so annoying being a woman in such a patriarchal society.

the song that fits me the most for the past month or so is moan by trentemoller http://youtu.be/5vkj-t1ytzo

That does not go with that thing I'm so sorry peeps I did not know that the song that fits me just right is born to be somebody. Sorry