Her Great Strength

A woman's strength is stronger and tougher than a diamond
It has to be as a woman we go through so much in this life
From being daugthers and wives and possibly mothers
We carry the world balanced on our shoulders
A woman's greatest strength I believe is her heart
out of it can flow many things
Becareful how you treat a woman
her strength is more than you know
A woman's heart has the gifts of compassion
warmth friendliness devotion admiration respect
All too often though these are taken for granted
Snatched from her thrown down in the dirt and trampled on
Ah but a truly strong woman will realize that no matter what
No matter what names you may call her
No matter what your ideal is
She knows her value is not between her legs or on her back
Treat a strong woman well because she will be the one to carry you
Along with God in your darkest hours
A woman can take so much abuse and hate from the world
To be called a ***** a fat ***** a slob frumpy sure she may cry
but doesn't she still love you like a loyal companion
Fix your meals tend the house the kids and even you
though you treat her with malice? This is a strong woman
I wish more women were aware of the strength they have inside themselves.
EnchantingMinx EnchantingMinx
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012