The truth is you can't handle the truth!!
Arorin Arorin
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for your own safety i better not.

tell me anyway I might just forget later then you can tell me all over again next time!

uh huh

you are a white girl. and I am more then a inch high..

I jumped!!!!

how do you plan to yank my tail from down there?

*gasps as if struck* <br />
<br />
Haha...that was an insult!! I think....*thinks hard and yanks tail*

being old doesnt paint a pretty picture for a young guy..

I'm like an old mustang. I take a while to fire up. *runs to bathroom*

goodnight then.<br />
<br />
well you have yet to do anything!

Gnight Aka!! Love ya sis!! TEXT ME!!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Oh I don't plan on it!

gnite friends!

Well dont disappoint then.

Well you never know. I can try. :D

I doubt you could cause me any trouble..

*PMs you* You asked for it!!!!

I guess at the special Olympics they award medals for trying i dunno... and I told you that you can message me anytime!

LMFAO!!!!! ****......*cries* I try! Doesn't that mean anything!! *attempts to drag you to PM*

You cant even keep up when you can walk straight.. Dont hurt yourself. <br />
<br />


BS!!! All those times eating me have tainted your mind! Muahahaha!!!! *sprinkles faery dust and smiles*

Even with enough booze I am still untouchable!<br />
<br />
-_- yes!

did you get the purple tint out of your mane?

Probably not but give me enough booze and I can handle anything. *whips lion and giggles*

Oh? like what?

I can handle more than you think my friend,,,lol,,,Mary