Though Sometimes......

It does not always feel like it is.

Recently I have been left wondering, why did everything chose to happen now.  When I least thought it was good timing, but as things move along it seems to have become clear that I was always ready.  Things I thought why about, had really been just at the right moment.

I have worked out not to force things but to let them happen, because eventually it becomes clear to me why it did. And why I needed that person or that phone call and that experience right at that moment.

The universe, if you believe, will always create the perfect timing for you to learn what you need, and to keep moving forward as is intended.

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7 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Thats a beautiful way of thinking about it all :)

I wish I had your vision. However, in 24 years, nothing has happened at the right time. And it never will. Things may turn out good for you, but for me, I'm still waiting. I'll always be waiting. and the only way I'm getting out of this, is that whoever it is, that's throwing all the crap my way, will have a screwup of their own and for get to fling some more crap at me.

I was going to congratulate you on the group logo but then became completely distracted by the new avatar. Call me Dory

Same here, Super-D..........Lilly was very specific about that........ *giggles*

Yes...I am beginning to see this now...however still unclear at times. I need to be still to view it better.<br />
<br />
*Must stop bouncing too much!* ..............*hugs*

Food for thought Lil...I like your theory :)