This Came From Deep Inside Of Me..

the past is past
people change, things change
but the words you say stay the same
no one is there own person
its like follow the leader every where you go
no one thinks for themselves on what they want
they just go with whatever
when inside they want to do something different
its sickening
its sad
its immoral
people judge
and tease
it hurts the weak, but strengthens them in the end
the ones that tease
are the ones later on, on their knees
beggining for forgivness
before that happens you try and get them to stop
what their doing but they dont listen
if they just listened the outcome wouldve been better
but their to bitter to do what they're told
people hate, start rumors
jealousy is only your insecurity
i may have close to no one left by my side
but at least they gave me the strength
of being independent
ill try to make the best of it
maybe karma with come your way one day
but in the end
you deserved every bit of it
so did i
but now its your turn
thatonegirl25 thatonegirl25
1 Response Jul 5, 2011

that was amazing and very symbolic to my current situation. thank you.

thank you so much! all of that honestly came from the mixed emotions and drama im going through at the moment, after i wrote it i was like im gunna put this on ep this sounds pretty good!