Have You Ever....?

Have you ever met someone that you fall for so hard ...that when you think of those that came before this one person ....are now just a fuzzy, foggy picture in your memory? I've never felt this....until now--it's new, scary, and it makes me feel like I could love for a lifetime. What in the world do you do with that kind of realization? I mean, you try to convey how you feel and it feels like nothing in the world could acurately describe how this feels. You just get blown away by it--I was so not expecting to feel like this, or expect for it to feel like this.

This is what it's like....when I think about him. When I'm with him, the outside world slips away for awhile, and there could be chaos all around me--but he is right there at the center....anchoring me and keeping me surprised and off kilter at the same time. But how I know that the way I feel about him is for real....is because he makes everything before him seem like this foggy, fuzzy memory.
Oneiroi Oneiroi
26-30, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

So that's what this is huh.....love......yeah, any relationship that has this is so worth it.