What Am I Supposed To Do

Sometimes I sit an wonder would the world be better off with me and yes it probably would. Who am I? Who am I to think I deserve to be here to have friends and family who love me, to have a boyfriend who says he loves me, but I’m sure he doesn’t. I feel like I’ve got nothing there is only me in my sad little life and there Is nothing I can do about that, who would care if I go if I just disappear, I bet no one would notice, I’m just a shadow in this world. I used to be strong, confident I used to make life everything that I could, then it go complicated, I was the girl would seemed unbreakable, always laughing always happy, then one day I broke that was it and I can’t get back to that person I used to be and why should I don’t deserve happiness. I just fade into the background and I can’t get out I’m stuck in this cycle were I’m no good for anyone or anything so what am I supposed to do? Life has well and truly snuck up on me, just when everything seemed to be going right, now I’m just nothing.
amberh28 amberh28
May 4, 2012