The Ep League of Gentlemen

There have been many posts here dedicated to the pervy trolls and fetish fools.  I think it’s time the good guys got their due.

My life has taken some pretty rough detours in the past few months.  I opened up about this for the first time in my blog, “Consequences, Curveballs, and Castration.“  I am not spamming here, but if you took a look at the wonderful, supportive comments I got from my male friends following that blog, you would get an idea of how understanding these guys are.  They really do get it.

There have been times when my mood changed from something rather perky to a buzz kill.   Shortly following, I received messages asking if I’m okay and offering me encouragement and kind words.  They never preach, condescend, or pry.  They consistently say just the right thing and always, always remain true gentlemen.  

So this is for my lovely male friends here.  You know who you are!  Thank you so much for the friendship you’ve offered and the class you’ve shown.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed and will always be remembered and appreciated!  


Myonis108 Myonis108
56-60, F
5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

It is good to know you found friends like that here

Itis so nice to know there are some nice guys still on EP.

Thanks Myo. *Kiss Mayo's cheek*

Hi, Chris, you wonderful gentleman, you! *kisses chris on the cheek*

You are a true sweetheart Myo. Right down to the core.