Is The Use Of Technology An Advantage? Or A Hindrance?

Technology is in almost every facet of our society. It isn't just an American entity, or a foreign entity, but it is an invention or conecpt that has invaded the world as we know it. So much so, we can literally communicate with someone from thousands of miles away, while we are sitting in the comfort of our home or even in the most obscure place that we can think of. Of course, this fact is not anything that is new to any who use the internet or for most in general. However, it is the very idea that we can use such means to reach different parts of the world and our own society.

Despite that known fact, there is always the looming question of whether or not technology has increased our ability to dwell productively. Has the invention and everyday use of technology given us an abundance of quality to enhance our lives? Or does it continously drain our time and daily existence?

There are two sides to this argument:

The first has to do with the obvious advantages that technology provides. For one, the internet along with technology in general allows convenience. We can now partake in a quicker process for recieving and relaying information to others, and for ourselves. It isn't just about communication, but also about accessing data to research and come to a specific conclusion about a matter. Secondly, technology can and has increased the ability to pleasure one's self. It is often times used as a means of entertainment rather than just an informational tool. Finally, technology gives us the ability to grow in our intellect, as we reach farther to grasp the idiosyncrasies of life.

On the other hand, there is the negative argument. The first is that the use or abuse of technology creates a drastic collaspe in our human ability to communicate effectively person to person. The proof in that can be seen in the generations of children that grow up in these times, not being able to read or write on a normal or acceptable manner. It is also true that many would rather communicate using technology than building in person relationships, to keep normalcy. Secondly, it is a known fact that technology has and can contribute to immense time loss. Many are unaware of the massive loss of time that comes with the territory if one is not diligent in his/her interactions. Finally, there is the issue of privacy. This is more so related to the internet in that, technology has been used to invade our everyday habits. So much so, it is almost impossible for our information to remain anonymous.

So, which side are you on? Do you side with those that see technology as an added advantage? Or do you think that technology has caused a destruction of humanity in a figurative and even literal sense? Regardless of which side you are on, it is important to remember that technology can be used to add to one's life, but only in balance. Without a healthy balance, it is most likely that each indvidual will squander opportunities to see life in its most basic sense, and maximizing the time we are given daily.
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I side more with the latter, technology as the destruction of lots of things, but I sure as hell enjoy technology since we are stuck with it.