Time To Die

Story told to us by a neighbor, an 85-year-old American Indian.

It seems that, as a medicine man of the bear clan, it was his duty to kill a grizzly bear and wear the claws.  When he went for it, he spoke to the spirit of the bear, requesting that it come to him and stand on two legs if it was ready to die.  A grizzly did appear, did stand up, and it is the claws of that bear that he always wears.

There's more.  He said that his father had not been able to fulfill his duty to do the same thing, so he, the son, had traveled into the wilds to get one for his father before going for his own.  Same thing.  He asked the spirit of the bear to come to him and to stand tall to show that it was ready to die.  The necklace from the claws of that first grizzly was buried with his father.

Can animals sense when it is time to die, just as some people do?
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Interesting thing to ponder upon. I know animals know when their packs or masters have died...

And they mourn ---

Yes, animals do indeed mourn.

Yes animals sense when it is time to die,a friend of mine's little dog who was not well for a while disappeared,her body was found days later,she had gone to die away from her home,this I witnessed and I have heard quite a few stories about this occurrence.

Some folks, too. Two healthy young men in our family told us, years apart, that they were going to die. One of them bought his four young children their Christmas presents in August and took out enough insurance that his family could live okay until they were grown.

It's lovely to think about this knowing.

Cats often run away and die alone when they are sick.
My neighbor said that is what his cat did when he was old and mine did it when he was sick.

Oh. Yes. You remind me that, when I was a kid, our dog used to stay under one of the outbuildings for a couple of days when he was injured. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Can't say about the story, but some humans foretell about their death. Dogs in india are believed to sense death of any person/animal nearby him, they tell it by a special weep.

That reminds me of reading, some time back, about a cat or a dog (I don't remember which) which lived in a nursing home and would always go and stay in the room of a dying person, thus serving as an alert that that person's time had come.

It also reminds me of two men in our family, both under 30 and in good health, who foretold their own deaths, both in calamatous accidents.

Thanks for reading and for the information. That's intriguing.