He Still Visits Me.

I was married for thirty years to an alcoholic,after we divorced we remained friends, whenever I would go to his place it smelled of smoke, I'm a non smoker so I noticed it more. August 1st.last year we adnmitted him into hospital his heart rate was too fast, he died two days later, he is with me quite often because I live alone, I smell the smoke whenever I think about him, he was 60 years old too young to die.
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3 Responses Apr 26, 2012

I was married to a flamboyant farter for twenty years. She sometimes comes back and farts near me. I am now convinced of life after death.

I have experienced this too and even with other familiar aromas that relate to those who have passed away.

My stepdaughter has smelled my deceased husband's (her father) pipe tobacco in her house since he died over a year ago.Interesting. I never smell it here in my house, our home. I guess he rather be with his daughter and grand kids. I don't blame him I guess. Life is for the living they say. I don't feel like I'm living.