This Is An Amazing - All These Stories Tie Together

 My Grandpa

My Grandpa passed away in the 80's. My Nonie (grandma) always went to his grave with my mom and I to pay respects and leave flowers. She always looked for 4 leaf clovers for luck. We never found any.

My Nonie
My Nonie (grandma) passed away while I was in high school. It was the early 90's. It was devastating because I was so close to her. My mom and I were at her grave site. I found the 4 leaf clovers. I still have it. A sign for me that she was watching over my family and it was awesome to find.

All in the same cemetary is my Grandpa, my Nonie, my uncle and now my dad...

My Dad

My dad passed away last year in December on Christmas Eve. I never thought that it could be my dad, but I feel that my dad was always my protector and it is very possible it was him. I can still hear him in my mind. I hear him when I worry, I could almost hear him in my mind soothing me and what he would say because he would soothe me when I was bothered about something when he was here with me. When he passed I was scared... One significant occurance happened. I called my dad a lot on my way home from work around 4:50 ish. This particular day I wanted to call him... I forgot he passed away... I couldn't call him. Later I went to the gym. I drove a little bit and decided that I wanted to call my dad. I couldn't call him...I got out of the gym, I wanted to call him again. I walked to my car...I noticed how clean it smelled after it rained and there was nobody around in the cars next to me. I got in the car and closed the door...I started to smell cigerette smoke. It was my dad. My dad smoked. I feel that it was the only way that he could tell me that he knew I was thinking about him and wanted him to be around me that day to soothe me.

The most amazing thing about my dad being buried in the same cemetary as my Uncle, Nonie and Grandpa is that my dad never really had a family that he trusted.  Even though my dad and mom werent together anymore he was still part of my family.  My dad was given up by his parents and he felt almost abandoned.  His grandparents brought him up. I don't think he ever felt like he belonged.  Yet he did.  He was my dad and he belonged wimy mom's family.  We buried him with my Uncle, Nonie and Grandpa.  I believe that it could be of comfort to my dad that he was buried with family to greet him on the other side..  I miss them all and love them and I truly believe they are my guardian angels.

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yes they r your guardian angels, always with you to guide n protect you..