I Wasn't The Only One Who Heard It

My friend's mom passed away a couple of years ago. My friend used to tell stories to her mom how we would go to Bowling Alley/ Karaoke bars and have fun singing and listening to people. My friend said she used to love the stories and we would record the songs being sung and my friend would let her mom hear. After my friend's mom died we went to the Karoake bar. We were sitting around listening to the music. In between Karaoke singers we heard my friend and my names over the PA. "Please come to the front please." We both looked at each other. We both heard our names. But could it be us? Who knew we were here? I said, "That was our names right?" She said, "Yeah, lets go check and see." We went to the desk where they would give out shoes and etc. We were told, "We did not page anybody, our paging system hasn't been working for quite some time." We were shocked. We both experienced the same thing. Yes, there is life after death. Definitely feel that our loved ones are here in spirit to show us that they are around.
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May 20, 2012