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First off, I'm an engineer and a scientist. Everything I do needs data, rationale, and proof for it to be accepted in my job and my life. It's just who I am. I did not believe in the formal religions growing up; they seemed fabricated by government. And with that, I can absolutely, without a doubt, say that I am fortunate enough to have had the experiences that there is unequivicol proof of life after death. I don't claim to know exactly what it is, but there is zero doubt that it exists. The most recent story (today), which is one of about 20 stories I could share. One of my best friends from work passed away of a massive heart attack absolutely suddenly. He was amazing and I was devasted. So today, I decided to go to a spiritualist church (of which I've had most of my experiences but haven't attended in 10 years). For those of you who aren't familiar with this religion, part of the church service is a message circle, where mediums give messages to the audience. Before the service even started, a woman approached me and said I am so sorry about your friend that just passed of a massive heath attack. She descirbed him to the "T". During the message circle, the pastor (a completely separate person) calls on me and says "your friend from work is next to you. Oh, he's had a major heart problem. He was buried with a Navy burial. Don't worry, he'll stand by your side at work whenever you need him. Just ask him. He loves you very much". My friend was buried with a Navy burial. He was always by my side at work. I never met these people in my life, they had no idea who I was. They asked me no questions and were dead accurate. This is one story (and not even the most amazing of them) of about 20 I have. For those who haven't been blessed to experience it, I get the skepticism. But know that despite your lack of experience, it absolutely exists.

On a related but different cool story, I had met an indian shamen through a different (but related/spiritualism) church about 18 years ago. He is where the other 19 stories come from. In any event, I was ~17 when we met. He moved to California and I had not spoken to him in 3 years (i had only met him a few times anyway). The summer before my senior year in college I had won an internship but I was terrified to do it because the lady in charge scared me. I had a deadline to decide if I was taking it. I was sitting at home an hour before the deadline in a total panic/anxiety mess, all alone. What should I do? The phone rings. It's the indian shamen I hadn't spoken to in 3 years. What the heck is wrong with you? You're anxiety is driving me crazy all the way out here in California! His exact words. I went on to explain the situation. He explains I have to do it and that this "evil" lady will become one of my best friends and will carve my career path for me. Guess what? She became one of my best friends. She wrote me a three page recommendation letter that started my career and made me who I am today.
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Thanx, enjoyed reading your informative piece.

I have come across so much obvious fakery in this field. In particular my local spiritualist church, here in the UK.<br />
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I believe unequivocally in life after death. More-so through meeting real people who have experienced the Near Death Experience, and the writing of Dr. Raymond Moody.<br />
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I was in dire need of some sort of experience from my local spiritualist church back in 2010, the negative evidence was so overwhelming. To the point that I almost got scammed.