It Happened to Me

after my mother in law died whenever i am overcome and unable to decide what to do i always find a white feather when i make a decision its like she tells me im going to be ok,when my father in law died 4 years later i saw and heard him on many occasions until i told him to go to my husband has gone its been 7 weeks and i have had several unexplained incedinces happen,but i would dearly love him to show himself to me ,just so i can see he is ok.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

My husband died 2 months ago today. I had a dream about him 1 month after he died, it was so clear I saw him, he hugged me and told me he was so sorry, I told him he was dead and he said he will never be dead,I told him they stopped his checks so he must be dead(after all this was a dream) He laughed and said it was really good for a while, and I love you very much. I could feel him,smell him, hold him and he kissed me. I believe he came to me, I wanted to go with him but, I woke up!

My wife often visited me and other people in dreams after she died. I really believe that this happens shortly after someone dies. It was so comforting. I can remember a few times when the dreamw were ending, I wanted to go with her but was told no. He probably does visit you and dreams, but you know how that is, you don't always remember your dreams.

i always told my husband how much i loved him and he would say'woman there is no way you could possibly love me as much as i love you' and i would say i will always love you 10 times after he died i started finding dimes. i know thats his message to me. its funny because everybody in the family is finding dimes. its like he' s sending a message. when i find a dime i always say tater[my nickname for him] i know you're thinking of me and it gives some comfort. some people think its crazy but i don't....

Oh, Tessa, we all have the ability to perceive but few exercise it. You have it and are aware of it. Keep watching and listening! Our loved ones who have gone on are all around us, always.