I Will Not Delude Myself

Life is hard enough without telling people that some mythical person is going to punish you for your sins. I also say that it is insane to tell someone that is depressed and hurt that they should turn to god. Someone that is suicidal and on the verge of killing themselves is not going to change their mind because you tell them they are gonna go to hell. Going to hell is better than this, don't you get it? God will not help me. No one will help me. I can't get anyone to understand what I am going through and I'm tired of trying to get through it. Who are you to tell me that "he" will solve my problems. and "he" doesn't give me more than I can handle. Well guess what I CAN'T HANDLE IT AND I'M READY TO KILL MYSELF BECAUSE OF IT! I want a real solution to my problems. And some guy sitting in the clouds ain't gonna do it for me.

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

LIke I said, Take it or leave it! I just gave you a lil insight of my thoughs and beliefs. Take good care of yourself..<br />

Things could be worse. Stay strong. Don't let life get you don't. Jeez, I don't think I've ever heard that before. I don't believe in God period, end of story. He is a fairy tale. Like santa or the easter bunny. If beliving in that makes you happy. Go ahead. But I will not be deluding myself into thinking that some mythical being is there to help me through times of trial. I just spoke with another EP member about this same subject and believe it or not, I told her not to give up on her faith, because it sucks not believing in something. I told her if it makes her feel better to believe in God, to do it, but do not if it is only hurtful. I don't have anything to believe in. And telling me to be thankful because I've got so much pressure on my shoulders and it could be worse does nothing for me.

No one really understand what a single person has gone through. Get that in. THey can feel emphathy and try to be there for that person, but that's it. Everyone goes through different things in life. Some are hard, moderate or somewhat easy, but no one's life is PERFECT. I believe in God, and no im not going to preach you. I don't think you should push people away when they're trying to help you. How do you know for a fact that god does not exist? Because you can't see him? And, not trying to preach here, but telling you my point of view. How do you know he's just sitting there in the clouds? You just said that "there is no such thing as a god" but then you say he's just sitting in the clouds doing nothing! I believe that part of you knows he does exist but what you are/have gone through is making you think that way. I am not trying to be mean, and if I sound that way, i am sorry. I am trying to help you. YOu can take it, or leave it. I am glad you at least posted what you feel here and I don't think you will kill yourself or at least I hope not. I have gone through that myself. Trust me. I never found sense to my life until I became pregnant. I had someone to be strong for, and yes it is overwhelming but I know that having her was like a miracle, because she changed everything in my life. Waking up to her is the most beautiful thing in the world! I've never been so happy waking up, even if it's too early. <br />
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don't let some little things stop you. Show the world that you are strong and that you are gonna be able to reach happiness. And, I don't believe that god is there to punish. God loves all of his children. Once again, I am not trying to do anything. I am just saying but you're topic is about GOD. I hope you find the strength in you to stay strong and move forward. Don't let life hit you hard. Try your best to be positive! Things could actually be worse. Be thankful for the things that you do have! Be thankful that you are able to express your feelings, at least through EP.<br />
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Hope this helped you at least a little bit. If not, I tried! Have an amazing Day, sweetheart!