I love to be silly and fun on EP, with my half naked pics and all, but really, I'm a spiritual person who cares a lot about people and I posess many gifts. I like to pride myself on being able to do things most girls don't know how to do. I can change my own headlight light bulb on my car when they have gone out. I have changed my oil don't mind getting dirty and learning all kinds of new things. My Dad, rebuilt a Taylorcraft airplane in our 3 car garage when I was growing up,and I helped him A lot! Learned all knds of things from that little (not!) project of his....riviting the stretched canvas over the steel frame...handing him tools as needed like a doctors assitant....there IS more to me than meet's the eye...
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And you built a great memory with your father, that can't be beaten.

Well, there's a lot of you to meet the eye and be easy to look at...

Knottygentleman...that MAY just be it! But, I have been know to be rebellious....wayyyyyy before I found EP....hehe...<br />
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Thank you....=)

Maybe, just maybe, your half-naked pics are a way to rebel against clich├ęs and say to the rest of the world: "Hey, look at me, I'm not only a beautiful and well-rounded person, I have a body too!"

Yea! Blondevixen! It was quite like that! Loved to fish too,and growing up, and didn't mind being a tomboy! It was nice.....! =)

Snap!!! We sound like we are very simular! I also grew up helping my dad dabble in car engines, instaed of pretty dresses i would have a oily streaked pair of dungs lol! I can fish, shoot pool probably better then any man i knoiw! Cheers Soleilbaby!

Loved that story! What great exposure your Dad gave you. I always remember when as a teenager being taught to drive by my father, part of his "course" was to show me how to change a tire....should the time come in an emergency. What a smart and practical Dad I have. Then years later....I work for a major airline as one of the few female aircraft mechanic....the day I got trained on changing out a tire of a 747 excited to call my Dad and tell him the news! All these fine qualites we hold, hold rewarding to pass them on to others.

Lol...eversharp!...that is true....=)

Yes there si, your a wonderful friend agreat mom and wife. don't forget all the little things in life. <br />
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and it's so good to see you.