I Think Of Things Before They Happen

For several years a strange thing has happened once in a while where I think of something and then later that day or week, usually it's never more than 3 days, I read about that thing. I'll give you some concrete examples but I just want to be clear about something first. I have no idea the thought I had is going to happen. I just realize afterwards that it did. I could attribute it to randomness and Carl jung's theories on synchronicity but these things are way too specific. Let me share with you what has happened.

An old one that I remember was in high school in 2005. I was driving back from school and had an instant need to see the movie "my cousin vinnie" this is an old 90's movie about two guys who end up in court. Its pretty funny. Anyway I get to my house and turn on the tv and I start looking at the guide in the movie section. All of a sudden I bump into that exact same movie. Again I did not feel that I was going to see it before it happened it just did. I personally think this is way too random yet specific to be considered happenstance.

Another noticeable moment was when I woke up one morning and went to the bathroom. I thought "why hasn't anybody reinvented the toilet". Later that day I read about bill gates spending 40 million dollars on reinventing the toilet. I probably have thought about that a lot of times before and nothing ever happened but why did it happen that exact day?

Another time was when I thought of a business idea. Two business ideas can obviously happen a lot of times, but it wasn't the business idea that caught my attention it was the justification. I had told my idea to a programmer and he told me "oh your idea sounds a lot like such and such thing" and I said no its not at all the same. Then 3 days later I read a news article on my exact same idea and one of the subtitles is "it is not like such and such thing" it just freaked me out that a subtitle would say what I had said about that same idea a few days earlier.

Another one was that I was with my girlfriend and I told here that it would be awesome to see two big objects in the sky, like when Luke sky walker is in the dessert and sees two big moons or planets. She told me we all ready do and pointed out the sun and the moon and I just laughed and we left it at that. Later that day she sent me a chain letter that she had gotten that said that for the first time ever we would be able to see two objects in the sky. It never happened but that she would get that chain letter is really weird, I was really spooked about that one. The chances really are very very slim.

The last one I'll talk to you about is is the earliest one i had. I was going to write a book report for school; I forget which one. I postponed the report for about a week and then one day before I had to turn in the report I started reading it. Now this was before spark notes so that sucked, but the next best thing happened, I turned on the tv and the movie was playing!

Again it is not that I know these things are going to happen. And its just something way too specific to be a coincidence.

What are your opinions?
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I reread this yesterday and now my cousin Vinnie is on! Ive never seen it before, so why now?!

It happens to me a lot. I was admiring someone's eyebrows in a pic on FB and thought that I should get mine done like that, then scroll down a few pages and someone talks about how they're getting their eyebrows done. I feel like I need to learn to use this ability for some good.

This exact, and i mean exact, same thing happens to me! It comes and goes, but one thing is i thought about my grandfather falling once and he did. I hadn't thought about that in a long time, and he hadn't fallen in 3+ years. This has come and gone since i was 8!

The exact same thing happens to me! It's random. Like I'll think "hey why hasn't so and so reached out to me in a while?" (And by a while I mean a WHILE) Then I'll go about my day, and BOOM there they are in my messages! That is only the most recent example I have right now to remember. I have read about synchronicity, and that's the closest thing there is out there to explain it, but it's just not it. I really relate with this how you said it was an after thought, and didn't know these things were gonna happen. This happens a lot when I'm talking to my one friend but it happens to me without her also. It's just wild because our brain has absolutely no way of reaching into others' brains so that's really the craziest thing.

I am experiencing d same tin too. I thought i was insane, but now i am glad i am not d only one.

What happened and have you ever thought of something bad happening to you?

It's 5 am, I don't usually wake at this time. I was dreaming about my life-long ability to think of very specific random, and sometimes not so random occurrences. First thing I did when i opened my eyes was google the words "I think of things before they happen" so here I am.

Not read of anyone or shared this info with anyone before so it's very interesting to read identical retellings from yourselves. I'm not going into specific examples but there are many just like yours. All way too weird to be coincidence.

I'm male, 36, and since I can remember I have had these thoughts. I wish I could control them. The very random ones that are way to specific to be coincidence happen roughly monthly. always have. I never know they will happen. Generally I think of something and 5 minutes later it happens. And it's almost always this 5 minutes timeframe.
Regularly I know when people will text me or call me before they do. I predict mail (random mail) being at home before I get home. And I often cut people off in conversation because I feel i already know what they will say; at one point this felt like every conversation, but lately I'm waiting for people finish as I annoy folks way too much.

I'm not sure this is connected but...
People remark on my cleverness or heightened emotional intelligence at work and in life. I have a nack for joining the dots, piecing together interactions of people's actions and thoughts in the workplace . I can sometimes see through complex problems in an instant where others are very very short sighted. Generally I feel like I understand more depth from any situation that others seem to take in.

Do you experience any of these other attributes I've mentioned?

Many years ago I was taking my daughter to school, It was a beautiful spring day I had a flash of a school killing. It was the day of the Columbine shooting. This is not the only premonition I have had but the worst. I also know when someone isn't coming to work etc, how can I channel this to help people.

This is happening to me too. But with me its very powerful and very regular. I have predicted so so many things that its really freaky. its everything, what is on television even tho i,ve not looked at guides, friends futures have played out just as i have foreseen. its really odd. Feel its like some kind of connection to something bigger. even little things like music, i have hummed a song and a year later or a month and its out in the charts. There is something bigger out there i swear, and some of us are connected to it i,m sure. Just glad i,m not alone.

Dear Guada - I have had these same experiences for many years, but they have increased in the past five years. All my incidents are very unimportant, but they occur often now that it's starting to freak me out. <br />
<br />
Twelve years ago, I purchased a pair of pear and diamond earrings at a folk art<br />
center in the North Carolina mountains. They were handmade by an artist and cost $125. These were my favorite earrings for years until I lost one. Several months later, I went to a department store to purchase something. At the last minute, I decided to look at the earrings to see if I could find some that looked similar to the other ones. At the last display I look at, I saw the exact identical earrings that I bought at the art center. They were only $16. I now have three of the earrings I can interchange. <br />
<br />
This morning, a thought came into my mind that our neighborhood block should have a block party. We've never had one, and I've never talked about this to anyone. This afternoon, one of my neighbors left a flyer at my front door about a block party April 12.<br />
<br />
At work, I will hear another worker say a name to a caller, and a few minutes later, my caller will say the same name. When I work crossword puzzles with the tv on, very often as I get a word and start writing it, someone says the word on tv. I have had so many incidents, and really don't understand what this means. Many years ago, my telephone rang and I had a sudden feeling of foreboding. It was my mother telling me my grandmother died. Grandmother had not been sick.<br />
<br />
I should have kept a diary of all these things, but I kept thinking they were coincidences. I don't now.