Sometimes I Just Know

I'm a perfectly rational person - I've studied psychology, I'm training to be a teacher, I'm catholic, but I know things. Its not like seeing, more like searching and knowing. If I want to know an outcome I search my mind, I get two kinds of responses - a feeling of dead certainty which means yes whatever it is will happen or a vague excited feeling which means no - or there are other possibilities to explore.

Of course it doesn't always work, especially if is to do with me, but if it is about someone else I am nearly always right. Sometimes I don't get to choose,  I remember one night when I was young I just KNEW one of grandparents was going to die, I prayed and begged and pleaded and wept that night and the next day my grandfather had an aneurysm (he'd been perfectly healthy before) and he died on my birthday a few days later.

Sometimes I do dream things, I dreamt my grandmothers death, I actually saw Princess Diana's death and was shocked and frightened.

Some days I get an awful feeling and I know something is going to happen, and there is nothing I can do but wait.

A blessing and a curse, but its me - a part of me, although there have been times when I''ve wished I've never known.

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I know what you mean but ive never seen it in dreams mine are just like nerves

my dear you are definitely not alone, I had a dream our president, Obama in a dark room sitting in a chair sadden and stressed out ,rubbing his chin, the next day Paris had problems, this I kid you not. another example of my happenings I call it, was I and my mate was driving to a place unfamiliar, I started feel anxiety and a hurt sorrow feeling, it got stronger and stronger, it was just such great pain and sorrow ,that I actually was feeling short of breath had to get out of the car ,it was so intense tears running down my eyes, my mate noticed, yellow ribs of three people who died in the twin tower attack, a block away was a cemetery. I dream of things that came true, many I never truly no what a lot of it meant until it happened, some that were good things ,but unfortunately most weren't. why this happens to us I really feel were just connected, few are chosen or maybe just born that way are perhaps just sensitive to those things we just don't have an answer for, I just accept it and consider myself some one has a gift to do what a lot of others cannot , if you want to make some out of it ,there are people that can help you understand it more, and how to use it to actually help others, believe or not, good luck my dear.

Me too!!!! Wow!. I'm not crazy. I do the same thing with looking into myself! I get two feelings yes or no.

I was in the hospital for a severe condition and I saw the nurse come in and tell everyone about my weight and how it is normal for my size. I just couldn't say anything because of the drugs they had me on. Then she came in five minutes later and said just that. Looked like here and everything.

Then I could hear or sense the doctors thoughts. One was worried about home thought I was very beautiful and the woman nurse was very nice. She hated and like her job. That was about as strong as I could remember.

Now, they come very frequently. About three times a day. Its scary. I think something is wrong with me and I don't know what. My friends and I played a game. They would flip over a card...I had to say the color or number. They all were kind of scared of me afterwards. Except one friend. She is from Africa...she said there were people from her land that did that and if they touched people like me...they would get married or pregnant or something. Idk.

I think its related to our parents! I've been doing research about it for a long time and Everyone who experience it like me has someone in their family who know things before they happen as well. I think we all should make a group or so and share our research results there because I think it is more important than we think.
I know before someone is going to die or something is going to happen. I know that is crazy but I send text messages to my friends like what is wrong then they freak out how I understand something is wrong. I just tell them I feel like something is wrong or they annoy me with their bad energy.
and sometimes I dream of the thing that are going to happen sometimes they Just pop into my mind as a picture and I lost my contact with the world for a few secs and then this happens soon or later. I had problems in elementary school for not paying attention to lessons and losing myself in thoughts.. and it is really nice to know that I'm not alone

Me too! I did it to one of my friends he was like....what?! How'd you know?! Lol

smile about what you have ,a specialty that's a blessing. your connection to feel ,dream and to know is not meant for every one, consider just how special you are, and it is real ,you I and some others know this, it was passed down to you, and not everybody understand it ,and do not matter. you get to know it better, its not going anywhere, so please just embrace what passed down to you, and its normal ,not abnormal to special people like us.

please don't worry about who understand about your gift, the ability to connect. the ability comes from beyond, and some one I believe had the ability too who was related, or even here before and live in you, don't be scared or confused. I experience a lot of things, so do my daughter, I some times ask her to slow it down, and not to tell very one is not going to understand it as you do, a lot of people are skeptics, please don't let any one make you feel like a freak or you or a bad energy, your not your just have a strong connection to things they cant understand or just refuse to. Usually your sensitivity to things beyond just connect. I found it was passed down to me from my grand mother she was born with a veil over her eyes as they call it ,some kind of whiten in the eyes and she also was born with a lot of white hair, I've never seen it black ,by the time I was born it was totally white, and she was a person who can relate and see things and one who was able to see, she was a very godly person, going on to be a very respected person, but she would only express these connection among family members that believed and understood it all. since my grand mother passed on my abilities to connect is even stronger. her death one year today, and she connected me to you and one other. I wanna say to you maybe you should relate with those who understands and wont be little you and never understand your gift, believe me its not going anywhere and believe your special ,not bad energy or losing you mind, there is people like you and Godly. good luck my dear with you gift

Since i was 3 i have known things, felt things, seen things. Certain soft sciences call people like this 'highly sensitive' other neuro/bio psychology arenas study this in silence because there are science fiction sounding implications. I do not know what it is. The lonely feeling is i am a human lie detector. No one can lie to me and i also then know when a person is sad, mean, evil, hurt etc or whatever. I am blind to love or i never felt it. Sadly im not sure which. I know when someone is genuinely kind but love is white space in my emotional make up. I believe it is due to this "gift". I have met one person in real life who is like me. So existence is solitary. People live in ignorance as the norm. Being like this is isolating and exhausting at times.

Iam actually happy to see Iam not the only one o honestly wish that i would not have this feelings of things happening Its not knew to me but lately is tearing me apart specially because i know that i cant count on anyone they might think Iam crazy! But the latest visión that i had was of suicide a women jumping off a bridge near my home and then i saw another bridge that would be the best to jump! I saw this about 1 week ago! And today i saw in the News that a women jump off one of the bridges near my house! I feel like i couldve prevented this but noone would believed me! I just wish i would stop seeing all of this is a ******* curse!

things like this happens to me like the idea born in my mind in one sec and in the next it happens

This has been happening to me sense summer. August 2014. I feel like it's god. He tells me things the day before they happen or when I wake up and sure enough it happens. It's freaking me out lol everything I have sensed has happened.

Im glad..i not alone but in my case I could sense major events. .last october I saw a transparent picture in my seeing a comet in the outerspace..and then right now it happened. .that onceIin million years comet

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its the same for me.... Sometimes i dream it and sometimes i just know something is gonna happen... Ive been like this since a young age and it scared me... It still scares me... Knowing that something is gonna happen but the worst thing is not being able to control it... It just happens... I am the same way when it comes to when it happens... Sometimes its back to back other times i can go for years without anything happening... Its nice to know that im not alone

This is very similar to me. I feel like its unreal even tho I know that it is. Studying psychology myself as well. I sometimes dream about things that happen, almost exactly like in my dream. Sometimes I just know. Literally I just know what's going to happen either in the next minute or it could be the next day etc... Sometimes I get scared because I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad, and also because I just can't controll it. Sometimes these things happen continuosly and sometimes nothing really happens for years. Sometimes I just get a feeling something good or bad will happen but nothing more. Sometime ill literaly get the emotions. I might feel sad and depressed and acctually cry but I don't know the reason, only to find out later on somethin bad happened. I also believe you can attract things, so sometimes I think maybe its not that I knew it but rather attracted it, however I can't apply this to when I acctualy know what exactly is going to happen. My latest 'experiment' is that usually the things I know will happen I keep to myself and I don't tell anyone untill it acctually happens. This time I have a strong feeling of a certain thing happening and I've told my friend, now I will just wait and see if it will happen or not. It won't help me much coz if it doesn't happen I cnt know for sure if it wudhave if I kept it to myself but I still want to see... I just feel like I'm crazy sometimes, if I do have something going on with me I'd like to controll it! But it just comes to me :/ I wonder if it could be just something that everyone feels sometimes, or if this is considered as having some kind of 'powers' as in something that not everyone has.

its not about being able to see the future. I have more of a knowing things will happen without any doubt. and sometimes I get those thoughts but if I get any little bit of doubt it doesn't happen.. never fails

I cAn relate to everything you said I still don't understand mines started off when I was young too around the time of my brother death I seen an dark shadow of an man figure he was tall and wore all black now that I'm older things haven't changed people say I'm crayzee because I hear voices or seeing things before it happened or having bad feelings about something and it comes true sometimes in my dream this maybe embarrassing to write I need some confirmation on why is this happening to me it's hard for me to explain hopefully I end up with answers

You are not crazy....I can relate. There are a lot of us, out here who are just like you. I even asked God, to take this away. If it is evil...I still have my Gifts, Now that, i'm older. I recognize that. You are special. Not everyone can say that.:)

I am experiencing some weird stuff too. Since around august things have been happening after I sense them. It's very uncomfortable. Some woukd think it's a gift but it dislike it. I sensed a ticket. 3 days later I got one. I sensed a car accident 2 weeks later got one. I sensed little things as well and they happen. I say god tells me these things cause I beleive in him and have no other explanation. Idk of I am rambling but I am in same boat

Yes, there are a good many of us out there. I've dreamed of two bad car accidents involving close friends or family. I was supposed to be on one of those trips, I refused to go and tried to talk the others from going.
There is a school of thought that those of us who have had near death experiences, are blessed with enhanced abilities like premonition.

You are not alone. I feel really sad and tears start to flow when I know something is going to happen. The feeling can last from 10min up to an hour. I don't know what or who but some one either comes close to death or dies with in 2 weeks of my feeling. These are usually friends or loved ones I know. My father gets those same feelings. I always try to tell my family so they know.

I am glad to hear that I am not alone, when I was younger. I quite often just. " knew" when something was going to happen always involving a family member or someone very close to my family, I might see. Something, or a word will come to my mind or I will get what I call a funny feeling. I am at a stage in my life now where I want to find out more, how to develop whatever it is, can anyone help me please

to the guy who says its evil, i dont understand why. im a Christian too, and i dont think its evil. we can tell little glimpses of the future, it sounds to me a little like the prophets. im not claiming to be a prophet, but im just saying i dont think its evil.<br />
back on topic, i have this, though not as severe as most of you. for example, just now i was playing team fortress 2. a medic came up next to me, and i KNEW he was a spy. like, not a hunch, not "maybe he's a spy", but i knew he was one. he was. it was completely different from having a hunch confirmed, it was more like i had my ability confirmed, yet again. these little deja vu moments usually happen to me a lot around any time something important, goo or bad, happens to me.

btw - the guy was the man who built n ran the place till he died there - and the little girl was there visiting and she was playing with a ball and it went into a pond in the back and she drownd......

my sister in law likes to "use" me as a science experiment when she wants to do "spooky" stuff ...example - she wanted to go to some hospital ( i knew nothing about what she was talking about i was in the other room ) i told her about a little girl that died there and it was an accident and a man that walks around kinda wandering not really wanting to leave - she is shocked n walks in the room and is like omg!!! r u serious ....lets go - we go and i KNOW how to get there where to turn its pitch black in the middle of nowhere - i see it as if its daytime like nothing right - i dont understand how it works i kinda just go with it - BUT it scares me bc i KNOW something is there watching me trying to get me to do things i DO NOT want to do and it sits and waits ,,,,, toying with me - every once in a while itll show a few sec - like a shapeshifter,,,,, a kid one time a man another --- animals small fast .....i tell it its not welcome but it stays and follows me anyways ,,,,i dont like NOT having any answers or getting the run around whenever i try to get more info on it all ........idk but yeah - i understand how you guys feel.

You really feel this way too?

i have had this gift/curse since i can remember as well. i have the dreams, the deja-vu, the being able to feel what others feel by touch, the visions, hearing things before and during they were happening. i believe that it is GODS gift to us no matter how scarry it is to us. i have had five dreams of "the end" apocalypse and it scares me to pieces, i have had this awake and asleep. each time starting where it left off. i have seen my grandfather, my grandmother, three of my best friends and the list goes on die before they died. my children have this as well and strong as well as the rest of my family, just the women though, we i find very odd. are there any men who have been known with thisor it just us? anyway i too pray and pray and pray. i have signs, do any of you get signs? like all day everything will be sevens or i will ask in prayer for a answer to a important question and i will get mess on my answer machine or billboards or txt or tv really odd. i am hoping someone else gets this. and that it is a good thing not some bad thing. or do any of you have knowledge of things that you know you couldnt know or have learned? or do you you heal really fast, way faster and better than most? need to know if i am cursed or blessed. i hope and prey that this is a gift of GOD.

Strong sense of women's intuition

There are times that I want something to happen; I wish something specific would happen. Then weeks or months go by and it happens unexpectedly. Its not all the time but more times to be considered a coincidence. I can't explain it and maybe I don't want to know why!? The closest thing I can think of is the laws of attraction. Obviously this is different from what you have but it's not that far off. I guess some things are left to the unexplained.

There are times that I want to happen; I wish something specific would happen. Then weeks or months go by and it happens unexpectedly. Its not all the time but more times to be considered a coincidence. I can't explain it and maybe I don't want to know why!? The closest thing I can think of is the laws of attraction. Obviously this is different from what you have but it's not the far of. I guess some things are left to the unexplained.

I get the feeling that I can tell what people are going to say like a deja-vu but it don't feel like it a get real paranoid and scared cause of this I have to Change my phone background image all the time cause it feels like I've had it on there before I even put the image on can someone help its freaking me out. I don't want to tell any of my family I don't want them to think I'm going crazy. Should I see a therapist

I just want to understand... I don't want it gone completely. I just want to know when or how to shut it off. OH and most of these things are bad. OR what I consider bad. Sorry for all the talking. I just want you to understand so you could help me. I can always predict when tests or quizzes will be and I can understand people and their simple actions and their character to the extremes.

please, do you know or have figured anything about this, besides just dealing. I want to know how to control it. I dont know how. I can only shut it off by not thinking about anything. What triggers it? WHat can shut it off. For you anyways. I need help

Another example: I was thinking about this boy who I went 2 pre-school with--random-- and 3 weeks later he came back to school after 9 years. I thought about an old friend this year and she came back to school after 4 years. I thought about WHAT IF the neighbors dogs got out and killed all our chickens. Got home. Chickens dead with bloodied mouthed neighbor dog. WHAT IF we hit 2 deer on way to eastern Oregon. Hit 2 deer hour later. WHAT IF my friends got in a crash ( they were late and not yet to the dance where I waited for them) Came later because they hit a deer. I mean deer think coincidence- full moons-- but theres more. WHAT IF minks came back again like they did 5 years ago. NEWS--200 minks at a mink farm were set free by my house. WHAT if the new neighbors shot my best friend since birth's dog. Maggie was shot with BB gun. Theres been so much more. Help me. what triggers it. I have been using oils-young life oils that help balance a body natural aura. I don't dream or anything when I use them b4 bed. or my thinking.

For example I need my bestfriend since birth was gonna tell me something important and then I though WHAT IF ( key word to everything of my issue) she decided she liked girls, or WHAT IF she told me shes sucuidal. She had never shone any signs of anything like this. random. That day she told me both. Month later I was getting ready for school and thought " mabey I should txt her, somethings wrong" WHAT IF she hurt herself. (I was planning on telling her mom that day about her) and then my mom told me 2day she was in the hospital for overdoes on advil. self- inflicted. She has seriures and I predict most. I want to tell her about this but It always goes away when I tell someone, and probably will because of this right here.

I need answers or someone to talk to. I have always had deja-vu to the extreme and recently when I turned 15 in june this year things have gotten werid. I can count over 40 events that have happened. I think things and they happen. Totally random outta wack things and they happen. I thought mabey it was me doing this so I stopped thinking or trying not to think of life at all, and it has stopped for a few weeks. Whenever I tell someone of this or acknowledge it IT goes away for months. I have dreams of things that would happen and told a BFF and then It went away for 3 years. I'm afraid It will do this again and make me feel I am imagining it all over again. Is there any thing that triggers it, or stops it in general. Help I feel like its just in my head.

Deja-vu has happened to me all my life. My mother has it bad to, but it has been this year I have noticed things. I will think of something, completely random and later they happen. It has been every other few weeks, but has stopped. This year it different I have never experienced this to this extreme. I think things and they will happen. I got scared and thought possibly it was because I thought these things so I stopped thinking about life as much as possible. And now I havn't have this happen in a while. I can recall about 40 events like this that have started since I turned 15 this year in june. I don't know to do anything, but nothing. Is there anything we can do that triggers it or stops it? In my younger years I would have phases of when I could dream things and they would come true and when I though things. I told myself I just wanted to be cool and was imgaining it, but now I'm not. Whenever I have told my friends about this or even come to the conclusion of this IT goes away for months. Y is this? Ever happen to anyone else? I need help.. no one knows how. I just want answers or someone 2 talk to

Deja-vu has happened to me all my life. My mother has it bad to, but it has been this year I have noticed things. I will think of something, completely random and later they happen. It has been every other few weeks, but has stopped. This year it different I have never experienced this to this extreme. I think things and they will happen. I got scared and thought possibly it was because I thought these things so I stopped thinking about life as much as possible. And now I havn't have this happen in a while. I can recall about 40 events like this that have started since I turned 15 this year in june. I don't know to do anything, but nothing. Is there anything we can do that triggers it or stops it? In my younger years I would have phases of when I could dream things and they would come true and when I though things. I told myself I just wanted to be cool and was imgaining it, but now I'm not. Whenever I have told my friends about this or even come to the conclusion of this IT goes away for months. Y is this? Ever happen to anyone else? I need help.. no one knows how. I just want answers or someone 2 talk to

yes i totally understand i usually know when something is going to happen or something has been said. I use to know when my sister was gonna have a seizure.. The day she passed i dreamed it while it was was thee most sadest day of my life..

I have this and I don't want it. It scares me to death. I see only bad things and usaually in re occurring dreams. They are usually about girlfriends but sometimes about myself and more often than not in precise detail. One of my worst nightmares just came true and it blew my mind and shocked me so bad I couldn't believe it myself. I am Christian and I have been warned about these visions, that they are evil. People don't believe me. Sometimes I don't either. Like I said, I don't want this curse.

I know, over half the things I think and then happen are bad.

I don't believe it's a curse. But I only have feelings and know when bad things will happen too. And I prayed to god for a gift when I was younger and got it so I don't believe it's bad.. but I also have so much deja vu about just random stuff

I believe that these messages come our way to help others by prayer. We can not change the outcome we can change how we react to these matters in a more positive way. But I believe such knowledge is given to us because people need our prayers. Learn how to pray for these individuals whether you know them or not. It is a Christian duty of charity. When I see unfamiliar faces presented before me interiorly I pray for them. When I see a beautiful scenery as if in a movie but I am fully present to it. I thank God for this gift because I would never of been able to view it otherwise. Sometimes I think that is a gift given from one I have prayed for. I know we all want answers and we all want to understand and harness such abilities. But we can't we must trust in God and not allow worry to estinguish the work of God's Holy Spirit. Sometimes a relative who has passed may send an insight to help you through a death. You never know unless The I JUST KNOW I just knew that before it was spoken by someone close to you I believe is reading someone's mind. There is so much I could say but what I really want to say is Don't worry Just Pray. I find that when I say even just One Our Father I am given peace from God. Don't dwell on these things there is really nothing you can do but Pray. If you know someone might pass away soon. You could remind them that it might be good to go to confession for the removal of their sins or ask a priest to give them the final blessing. I am Catholic and this is so important. Just pray otherwise. Can't say it enough. Also say a prayer for yourself for understanding these gifts.

I just passed through to this sight, I don't know but angryt what u posted is EXACTLY what I go through everyday almost, whatever abilities I have goes a step further. I know it sounds weird but I felt Michael Jackson's death 2 months before it happened. 2 weeks before one of my family members died I knew I was going to be hurt some kind of way, an emotional pain. I can have someone touch me and whatever they are going through I can feel those emotions. Last night some guy was so angry that it shook me up so bad because I felt a rage inside of him I've never felt in someone. Sometimes I don't like the gift, I've had it for years and still not used to it. I dream all the time, I don't believe I'm psychic because I'm not. It just seems so much because I'm scared to hug people at times or even bump them because I dont know what I might pick up. It's been like this for me since I can remember and I'm 21 now

I am 17 and for the last couple of years i have had the same experiences. I think it is because i am still a member of youth that my "feelings" or "dreams" are more focused on my life. But the really important ones that i always remember are the ones that have the people i care about involved.

I am 25 now and i use to be scared of knowing things befor they happen. but not anymore i believe its a gift from GOD and we are messengers.

I have the samething iv had it since i was 12 years old.

I have seen and known things my whole life. I know for me growing up, I sometimes felt crazy, until something happened to confirm to other people what I had said. My father is very psychically inclined as well. For me, I wish he had tried to help me understand better what it was that I was dealing with. I am now 25, with 2 young children, and have only recently gotten a decent grasp on the whole thing. To nikinnick: I personally don't think it would be a bad thing to try to help her understand. I do think it can be passed on to our children stronger, just judging from my own experiences. What I do with my kids when they experience something is try to draw on my experiences to help them understand. I hope you don't mind my suggestion, but you may be able to talk it out with her, get the details, and try to take steps to make sure her dad takes more caution while driving. I have actually had to do stuff like that. I hope that everything works out for the best.

I have always called it my feeling deep in my gut. Only a few people in my life understand or believe me when I tell stories of things that have happened. My concern is I strongly believe my 6 yr daughter has the same feelings but are stronger than mine. They are coming more often an she had one this morning and it scared her to tears. She said that it was her dad and there was a car and he was going fast. What has me SO upset is she is going to spend the weekend with him and it is about a 2 1/2 hour interstate drive just the 2 of them. she is more often right than wrong. My question is can this 'feeling" or whatever anyone chooses to call it ;) be passed to our children an be stronger? How do I explain or should I let her figure out this "gift" on her own?

I know when things are going to happen like tonight when i was driving i heard lots of sirens i slowed down and was looking in mirrors but nothing was there . I asked my husband where are they coming from he said he didn't hear a thing .20 min later there was a horrible accident on Stockton hill. yesterday i saw a sheriff car drive down highway with his lights on,and i knew instantly my daughters boyfriend got into an accident. I ran inside house and turned our scanner on sure enough it was him luckily all that happened was a deer jumped out in the road which landed him into a ditch. a few months ago i was driving down the road going to the store and a voice in my head said Jaye is dying (a healthy woman) she was dead 2 days later. stuff like this has been happening since i can remember.

Wow I know this exact feeling. I know what people are thinking sometimes or more like what they are feeling and not saying. I have had dreams that have come true. My instincts about people seem to be heightened. I have a tendacy to be able to connect with people to where they just trust me so deeply even at first meeting. I am extremely emotional even sensitive I feel like this has a lot to do with it. I have bits of deja vu all the time, once I realize it what I saw or thought i knew would happen changes. but it is so very familiar. I feel like I deny myself so much, I don't trust that Knowing, It is so hard for me to believe in this. It never works to my immediate benifit. I guess because I'm always doubting it. I have become a bit of a loner these days I feel relieved to know that there are people who have had simular experience. I wish I knew more about this and were not so afraid of it.

I know what your saying, I'm 14 and mine only come in dreams or if I'm just in class and I'll blank out for about 5 or 10 min, only reason why it's so long is because in my ' visions' I like to go back and look at the situation. I agree it can scare the mess of ya haha

Your are not crazy lily, you are special. my father has just died, I knew he was going to die soon, and have known for about 4 weeks, I could just feel it. Then I had a dream he died, and hurried to my parents house, even though he wasn't dying. I was with him as he died, if I hadn't had that dream I wouldn't have been.<br />
<br />
I think I understand now, you can't change the outcome, but you can change the lead up to the outcome, getting a chance to say goodbye to my father is the lead up, his death was fate.<br />
<br />
So use your knowledge wisely, listen to instinct, and try to develop your talents!

I am 15. This has been happening to me for almost 10 years now. I am very confused by this, and it is starting to scare me because these feelings are getting more serious about important things and people. I need help. Any advice?

I'm going crazy!

I'm going crazy!

Im twelve and this happens to me. At first I thought I was a freak so I seperated myself from my peers. I have always been different, but this...<br />

you are not going crazy, i too have had the the same experiences since I was a child some scary and some 100% positive. My advise is when you have these experiences just approach the the day slowly then you will see it when it comes and not caught up in the whirlwind of spinning conversations. I too thought I may be going crazy but am still learning to deal with it.

Hey My name is Vicky, <br />
well i once made a Dream and it came true but usually i dont dream about something that comes But that one time i did i Dreamed about tornados that were destroying my hole town and in my dream me and my family were the dream i should say the dream was so reality and when i woke up wow i was very scared. Then i got up and went upstairs and the news were on and somewhat i knew that there was going to be something on the news about tornados and there it was on the news previews and pictures of tornados that destroyed a hole town and many peoples were kill and all that. Just like in my dream Freaky i know. Ok something ales i can do is I can know things before they happen sometimes i get a Vision or feeling or i think about the person or the persons name and then something with what and who i was thinking about happens. I also hear my name sometimes when im in the shower not supper loud its almost like if someone was trying to like talk to me sometimes its kinda like a whisper or a little louder. Also i sometimes hear music in the night when there is none playing and i something wear voices in the night when there no nobody talking but i cant completely understand what there saying because there voice isn't clear. I also sometimes have a feeling that something will go wrong or something will happen to me and then i ignore it and it happens. so now i know that when i was a vision or a kind of sensation i need to watch out and listen to it. Well Please tell me if anyone does the same things as me. To be honest i am something freaked out and i sometimes think im crazy.

A couple years ago, I went to the beach with my family. I was sitting in a room with my mother. I suddenly felt this would be the last time she would be alive to come to beach with our family. I was upset that I was even thinking that. I just looked at her and wondered, why was I thinking about that at such a wonderful time. Then I suddenly got the urge that we needed to enjoy the rest of the trip as much as possible. My husband had to get back to work, but for some reason I felt it was very important that I stay at the beach with my mother and stay the whole visit. We had such a wonderful time on this vacation.<br />
Some time passed 8 months or so and I didn't think as much about the feelings I had at the beach trip.<br />
I was at a meeting one afternoon. All the sudden I became overwhelmed with worry and concern for my mother. I called her and noone answered, called my husband, sister, noone was answering their phone. I told the others I had to leave the meeting. I got back into town, and my mother answered the phone, I asked her if anything was wrong. She said she was fine. I wondered if she was lying so I wouldn't be concerned. My feelings were telling me to be very concerned. Four days later she died and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her.

Hi angelawr77. Its so nice to meet someone with the same thing.<br />
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And it is so frustrating when you know something is going to happen and you can't seem to convince anyone else. I get a lot of "Don't be so pessimistic all the time," I mean how many times do I have to be right before someone listens? I tend to find it harder to "predict" my own life, generally I think because my own emotions and desires get in the way. Sometimes I just don't want to know, so I don't look. Its like I know when i'll get a job and when I wont, so going to the interview is fruitless if I KNOW I wont get it, but I have to play along anyway. I can't exactly not do things because I know the outcome. <br />
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At the moment I am ill, and people are looking at me and saying "aren't you worried about it being cancer?" because it looks like it might be, but I refuse to look and see the outcome. Right now, I DO NOT want to know and its only been in the last 8 years or so that I've been able to control and choose what I know and don't know. <br />
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Yes, as a child I was told I was imagining things, or it was 'evil'. My mum has it but refuses to admit it. Don't you find that sometimes you can 'sense' anything and some days you seem to have very little ability at all? Sometimes its abandoned me completley. The day I got hit by a taxi for example, I was strangely happy and smiling that day, no warning, nothing. <br />
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I spent my childhood wondering why I had this. Was I supposed to change something? Could I actually stop something from happening if I tried hard enough? Why did I never have enough details to actually stop it? But its a gift and I'm sure one day it will become clear when its needed. Sometimes though I'd just rather not know, or have more information!!


Thanks fluffyluggage, I have to admit I've felt guilty at times when I couldn't stop something happening. I thought "What if I'd told my grandfather I thought he was going to die," would that have saved him? Probably not, it would only have scared him. I know there are bonuses though, I also get the ability to what I call 'read' people, you can't get a lie past me lol. I only need a second to read what someone is like. Its saved me more than once! Sometimes I forget just how important this gift is.

Wow, that's really amazing. I think that sometimes you can change some things, but it has to be a certain way. I have been able to change some things that I've seen. Perhaps the way you get things, you have to learn what your role in all of this is? I am really interested in getting to know more about you! :) But, don't feel as though you are responsible for anything you are seeing. You are being given a gift, you just haven't figured out your role in it yet, or maybe your role is just a "messenger," like a friend of pass it on, and maybe help someone gain peace that way? IDK, but don't fret. I think you will figure it all out one day. *hugs*

But I can't change things, its as if something just IS and I can only know but never alter its outcome. I've tried to so many times, sometimes to know someone is going to die, and not be able to stop it is awful. Things seem predestined; if they weren't I suppose I wouldn't know things as they hadn't been decided yet.

that is a real blessing i think u could help people with your talent :)