This May Be Corney Too Some, But Meanningful To Me Cause I Am Not So Romatic


   My bf, life partner, best friend, soul mate, and etc. we live together and we always are with each other, so I know this is corney or sounds corney to others but here it goes! See my bf lost his girlfriend to sleep apena last yr in her sleep she died right beisde him; its been diffcult for him in a totally different way than me cause she was my best friend just like my bf that I live with, but through her and my higher powers I have learned a lot from such a horrible and tragic indenct that happend to her, but yet  I have realized she is in a better place and better off, but she has left many great things upon my heart in friendship, that we had as friends. Everyday I tell my bf that I love him, but I also send email cards to him to let him know how much I love him, I write songs for him and about my love for him, I write potery for him and about my love for him as well, but then there is what is gonna sound corney too others but its meanningful to him and me both, I email him everyday while he's at work, I tell him I love him, how much he means too me, how supportive he is of me, I tell him thank you for all he's done for me, I send him inspirtaions when he's down, I send him jokes when he's sad, I flirt with him at times when I do this and its cause I know that when he comes home from work tired and exhusted from standing on his feet all day long, that the first thing he does when he comes in the door is he comes up too me and says " Hey baby, I love u and how was ur day"? I tell him I love him and that its great too see him come home and of course I have smile on my face everday cause of him, then after we hug eachother and an occisonal kiss on the lips * french kiss sometimes lol), he goes straight to his computer and checks his email, its never fails I know him so well like a book when his day is over at work and he comes home lol!!! When my bf opens every email from me, I will usually stay in another room until he is done looking at his emails, u know, its just I respect him and his privacy I know that he would never do anything stupied towards the love I have for him and I trust him, and we are both on the same page of love in our live's together!! I am usually in the kitchen when he checks his emails and I am cooking dinner, then right about 5 minutes later when he's done checking his emails, he comes to the kitchen wraps his arms around my waist and says too me " U are so sweet, caring, indepent, and I love u and ur my life and my soul mate, u mean so much too me and these emails I get all the time are so dear and so precious to my heart and soul"!!! When I hear thoes things come out of his soft and tender lips, and loving voice, it melts my heart into pure romatic love for him that becomes stronger than ever before!!! Its like every moring when I wake up, I am usally the first one up at the crack of dawn that is when my day starts normally, I will go to the kitchen to start off the day and make coffee, I will usually bring him a cup of hot coffee w/cream and sugar in it every moring to our bed and I wake him up saying " Moring sunshine, wake up, I love u and I have a hot cup of coffee for u"! He wakes up looking at me and joking saying too me " u are like a grandmother, u are always up at the crack of dawn, u just know how to love me the right way, and start my day", that is when I say too him I love u and u know ealrly birds get the worms first lol, and he just smiles and laughs with me!!!! I know this sounds so dam corney to some, but its so meanningful to me a simple woman who isn't into diamonds, candy, or anything else but who love's the simple things in life, just like my bf who isn't use to a simple woman like me, so it touches my heart in so many ways, just like my life partner, soul mate, best friend, and bf:}


Decatied To Frank

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I don't think it is corny. It sounds very sweet. The littlest things always mean the most.

Aw ty buddy, ur kindness means so much too me and Frank!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats soooooooo freakin nice, touching, inspiring and beautiful! not corny @ all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! indeed u r a very beautiful special inspiring person and frank also is the same and u too were born for each other! I wish u both eternal happiness, health and love! diamonds r worth nothing when u compare it 2 real love like this! pplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send my regards 2 Frank! I hope 1 day I meet u both! :)