A Happy Day

Today is my best friend's birthday. I greeted her at midnight as I always do.

She replied this morning, calling me baby again after years. That was so sweet. With that one word, I felt our friendship is back to normal. At last... after so many years of missing her.

dazzlingeyes dazzlingeyes
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4 Responses Apr 14, 2011

thank you ^^,

beautiful write...enjoyed reading...superb language and flow of words are awesome..u left me speechless...these comments are not enough to compliment u i think...:)

hey mom! you're back. I'm so missing you. :(

Great! ^^, Friendship is what makes this life beautiful and meaningful :))<br />
<br />
Thank you for your friendship my cute little froggie... but... HEY.. STOP EATING THE LOTUS!!!! <br />
<br />
Miss you,<br />