Can Someone Answer My Question Please???

hey im 18 weeks pregnant and well i got my second ultrasound and i asked them does it look like a boy and they said uhmm so far now but we dont want to tell you just yet because boy parts can develope over the next week or two. im just wondering can they go ahead and tell you what it is or is it still too early??????

like my ex boyfrfiend family has
3 boys and 1 girl and he has just  3 nephews

my family has well my mom had
1 brother and my dad has 3 brothers and 1 sister and my mom had 5 boys and 5 girls  and my dad before he married my mom 5boys
and my sister tonya has 2girls and 1boy and my sister sarah has 2 girls and my brother craige has a boy and a girl and my brother bryan has 3girls and my brother shannon is having a girl so im just wondering if i have a chance of a

boy or girl?
can you tell the gender at 18weeks?

if anyone can answer that it would help me alot

thank you and lots of love from my bby and I
kimmistone2194 kimmistone2194
Feb 20, 2011