most of us do self medicate in one fashion or another.
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well...NA says that I am not allowed to drink even though I am not an I am not going to NA anymore....and I feel guilty about a glass of sangira. Screw it!! As long as I don't smoke pot I guess..although that has crossed my mind more and more in the past month. NA says that alcohol leads back to drugs. Hope that isn't true for me.

it could be much worse re a bit of the bottle! I find when i am totally freaked out I have a very small drink also and since i hardly drink it's great before bed or at night to calm me down. <br />
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it is very awesome you have family and friends to turn to!!!<br />
<br />
as for me I have a therapist i see 2X month (this is PALTRY FOR SUPPORT :(, however she is very good and free and that is what my budget allows, so.<br />
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also i joined support group. i will probably write you about that matter.<br />
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Hugs and I hope you are proud of yourself:)!

True. I am trying to self medicate with support from friends and family these days..and not with substances...although I have been drinking a bit lately. Not to get drunk-just to mellow out a bit with the hopes that I will get a better night's sleep...or calm down if I am all wired up and upset. I know that it is not the preferred thing to do...but....