Nope, Sorry, Not Accepting This One!

I am really tired of the entire politically correct movement, altogether. It has gotten way out of hand. When elementary school children have a "class field day" competition, I believe it is all about teaching kids about teamwork and individual competition. When every student in the class receives a trophy at the end of the field day, no one has learned anything but everyone's delicate feelings were spared. How ridiculous is that concept? And there's a whole generational term for these kids: trophy kids. Check out Wikipedia. I think those kids are getting robbed of the growth experience of losing and winning outright. He didn't lose, she didn't fail; they are just victory challenged. Nauseating.

Oprah just had a guest who is employed at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. It is bluntly, for those who've never heard of it, a legal **********. This girl plans to be there a total of 5 years and she described her various types of clients, some who only pay her to go out to dinner (as an escort, no sex). So, because of the various kinds of tasks she provides in her arsenal, besides sex acts, she believes the term "prostitute" does not apply to her. She'd prefer if she was called "an independent contractor". Are you ******* kidding me? I'm supposed to not only accept the oldest profession but be thoughtful about what term I use to refer to her now? Nope, sorry, not accepting this one. That is officially wearing out the concept of being politically correct. Because Oprah is actually looked up to by many women and girls as a role model, in this case, I believe it is detrimental NOT to point out that becoming a prostitute is NOT a viable career option to put yourself through college.

I don't use the "N" word, never have, but I'll say 'black' instead of African American. And Italian not Italian-American, or "whatever nationality" hyphen American. Nor "whatever issue"-challenged. I don't deliberately try to offend anyone but on the flipside of that coin, I am not going out of my way to only use the most currently politically correct term. It has all just gotten too silly. You're not vertically challenged, you're short! Bah, I can't be bothered with all of it anymore. Too far, too much. I'm done. Yeah, "independent contractor", MY ***! But I won't call her a *****, that'd be mean, huh? I'll stay with the term prostitute.

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I'm pretty sure "vertically challenged" has only ever been a joke...

100 % agree

Victory challenged... Lol that is the funniest I have ever heard!<br />
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It's not only robbing them of winning and losing experiences, it's teaching them that there is no need to improve because we are all winners - effectively teaching them to become bottom feeders.

You're welcome but next time, please use the space bar or hit enter to make a paragraph. Too hard to read what you wrote as a run-on sentence.

Blahblahblah, yeah, we are all unique and precious snowflakes.....whatever. Like the Olympics, I think just 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place should get recognized. Or try again next year. <br />
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Santana, thanks for reading but you went far off on a tangent with personal stuff on your kids. Not my point. Only my first paragraph referred to trophy kids (just to make a tiny example of how sick our society has gotten with over-trophies.) Eighth place? Really? C'mon. Who cares but the parents of that kid. NOT ME. <br />
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This story is NOT trying to engage parents about this trophy crap. Now, if the kid is wanting to be called an independent contractor as she screws for money to pay for college, then we can talk.

Very well said, SantanaRex.<br><br />
Your last paragraph is right on. <br><br />
We need to help our children find their strengths and encourage them to do their best.

I think that ultimately it is not the kids - they will be the legacy - it is the parents that don't want their kids to what not go home without a trophy they did not earn?<br><br />
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Sorry my daughter came in 9th (sophomore year) and 10th (junior year) at the State Championship track meet she did not come home with a medal and she knew why because only 1 - 8 got medals. It pissed her off that she missed by a few hundredths of second. She worked her butt off improved her time, qualified for Nationals, (finished 22nd no medal there) and that year she finished 10th! Other girls got better too!<br><br />
<br><br />
Senior year at the state meet she was 4th in the long jump and 6th in the 200 2 medals that meant a lot to her! <br><br />
<br><br />
Trophies Medals for everyone nope not accepting that one! <br><br />
<br><br />
My youngest son did not get great grades in 9th grade. He worked real hard and had great grades after that. He signed up for AP classes and registered to take the SAT two times Oct and Nov (he scored 1350 and 1440 with a 770 in English!). He got accepted to Maryland for the Spring semester at first! Its a competitive world out there! We later got a note that he was accepted for the Fall Semester - received that in May, went for Orientation July 7th - 8th than came right home (we talked about staying but I knew Matti was in bad shape). <br><br />
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We came home on the 8th, my wife, his mother, passed away at about 6AM on the 12th. No medals or awards there, it just sucked! <br><br />
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If my kids complained about life not being fair, that the oldest got this, the girl got that, or the youngest was treated different. The answer was always the same life aint fair get used to it LOL! Its the parents that need to drive the message home! <br><br />
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I am all for recognizing we all have our own unique gifts and talents to offer the world. But I believe that is all about finding out what we excel at, when your real lucky you find that you excel at what you enjoy doing! Like me and problem solving - I enjoy it immensely and it is a huge part of my job! Everyone is not equal we are all special whats wrong with that?

Mayapie- while you are entitled to your opinion and to disagree with mine, I must say I could not disagree with you more. On every point. Thanks for commenting. I do encourage you to write your own story here of your opinions and have your own thread.<br />
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BlackHoleSun- Absofreakinglutely ridiculous. Jon Stweart was funny last nite talking about the alternative names. Puh-LEEZE!<br />
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Troubleshooter- [gagging, throws up in mouth] C'mon!!! That is just beyond idiocy. How do you grow up NOT playing 'Tag' or tackle football. See, Maya? These 2 folks understand what I'm saying here.

but....that ol' well-known condition, depression, is sure still around! i had it as a kid only did not know what to call it. yes, kids are still getting depressed. i will not diss kids getting trophies win/lose today; i think it is a kind gesture(MUCH-needed in today's world)--and not a severe root-cause of kids' emotional hang-ups. there are still plenty of ways for kids to experience crushing failure, just as there always has been! if some of today's parents ARE over-coddling, it is because they were yesterday's child of a dictator (parent).

[pats wolfeyes on the back sincerely] At least you knew what it was if 1 kid was a winner. <br />
<br />
I think it cheats children of valuable lessons growing up. As these kids enter adulthood, we'll find more of them on medication, unable to cope and more deviant ex<x>pression of their frustration. <br />
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I don't wanna go to much into projecting, but look back to when we were kids, then to see the pattern drastically altered in the last 8 - 15 years. There are some new bizarre social issues at epidemic proportions now, that we never heard about 25 years ago. I think they've come up because of the messing up of the way children have been over-coddled and playdated to death, wads of distracted blubber with overdeveloped thumbs.

All I got were Honorable Mentions- the green ribbon. They made me feel like crap, I'd just as soon got nothing.

I agree with you 100%. And Lilt too! They'd never get rid of their football teams! Same thing with Little League and cheerleading and Soccer. All the kids get a trophy whether their team won or lost. We are teaching our kids that a trophy solves everything!

IT and SG- yup, it has gotten ridiculous. I think being one is fine, for whatever reasons. Women's bodies are their own. But I don't think Oprah needs to support it or her. And I am not subscribing to being PC about her profession.<br />
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Lilt- great avatar. No honor programs? Now academic achievement is going to be homogenized, too? I really hope that gets turned around. I've had enough of it all.

I truly do not understand the perspective that says it is perfectly normal for women to choose to sell their bodies for money. I am not saying that all women at all time who have done this are wrong, I can see where survival may come first, but in this case, well, she is a prostitute.

The feel-good, everyone is special mentality has been taking over our schools for a long time. There are several schools that have gotten rid of their honor's programs, because it's not fair to the kids who can't make it. But I'll be damned if they would get rid of their football team.

That's better. I fixed my account settings. You rock.

I agree with your perspective. Why is EP censoring simple words like a$s, wh*re, wh*rehouse? Are you f*#king kidding me?